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Need Some Advice Another Denial



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actually a lot of denials lol, even though they were supposed to only be looking at hypertension and heart disease, they re-denied and continued the denial of 2004. This was in reaction to my letter to Admiral Cooper after the VARO in Columbia attempted to use the same distortion with him that they had used in Sept 2005 with renee Szybala, that yes I was at Edgewood for the tests but I got sick and was sent home before the chemical weapons and drug etsts began.

I sent him three documents that proved that either the VARO was misunderstanding my C File or flat lying about my Edgewood experience. Within 2 weeks of that evidence being sent to Admiral Cooper the C&P exams were scheduled and completed on 19 July 2006, I got the denial letter yesterday, 9 days from C&P to receiving the letter, a record for the VA. Not only did they deny hypertension and CAD due to secondary conditions of PTSD they denied COPD, epmhysema, car allowance due to power chair, house adapatation allowance, specially adapted housing, they went above and beyond the hypertension and heart problems.

Bottom line is in over 4 years they have never addressed the chemical weapons and drug experiments except once, then as soon as they awarded my PTSD claim at the 100% P&T level they closed all other issues on April 3 2006, I objected, I want the heart issues SC because when I die prematurely I want my wife and son to keep getting the DIC payments. The EPA reports on Edgewood Arsenal show about 100 toxic chemicals and metals in the drinking water, the ground water and the soils of Edgewood, the EPA forced the water wells capped in 1978, and the govt has had to pipe in water to the base and town of Edgewood ever since. The base is so contaminated it will never see the BRAC closure list due to the fact it can never be cleaned up enough.

I know if I go the BVA route all the BVA is going to do is remand it because they have never addressed the tests, the VARO just keeps telling lie after lie about it. DOD keeps obstructing justice for the 7120 veterans of the test, they refuse to allow the VA to get the names and addresses of the men used, it appears that is stillm the last secret of the tests, besides the entire list of all 254 chemicals and drugs used on the veterans in the experiments some are known, Sarin, mustard agents, LSD, PCP, scopolamine.

I am debating suing R James Nicholson, Cheney and Rumsfeld in Federal Court on the conspiracy to deny these cold war veetrans and myself our veterans benefits due us caused by the experiments, and their intentional denial of information is just an obstruction of justice. Justice Sandra Day O'Conner told the govt in the 5-4 dissent in 1987 of the Stanley case that these victimsw of the Edgewood experiments deserved compensation, that was 19 years ago, the VA promised Congress to find us and the WW2 era test vets in March 1993 when Dick Cheney was Sec of Defense, still nothing but typical VA run around BS, should I file the lawsuit and file the form 9?

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Did you have a heart stress test at the Columbia VA last Oct or Nov? The reason I ask is because my husband did in Nov. and then in Feb. this yr, he was sent a letter from the VA about the chemical used in the stress test was contaiminated. It was recalled from the manufacture after it had already been used on him. He got sick and missed 2 weeks of work and was on 3 different antibotics. He also since then has had more shortness of breath than before. That's why I asked about you to see if maybe you too had received this letter.



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They can't do anymore of those kinds of tests on me, I get echo's and cat scan type tests, nothing invasive what so ever, no doctor wants me on his head count sheet, they won't even put a defiblirator in me because they say it's to dangerous. The VA is just waiting for me to die, thanks for the heds up, but I don't let Dorn do diddly to me except C&P's I got to Augusta for treatment they have some great doctors there, I see a Clinic doc, a heart doc and my shrink I wouldn't take a dog to Dorn for treatment.

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Mike- could your heart doc and the shrink each write an IMO supporting each other and stating that it is more likely then not that the PTSD has caused or contributed to the heart condition?

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Berta my shrink won't do it, but I have that great letter from my heart doc in the file, the VARO is just doing this because they know as soon as they approve the hypertension then it brings into play the 7 heart attacks, the failed triple bypass and the car allowance and the housing grant for the power chair.

This was just one option for them to avoid dealing with Edgewood, I still can demand they deal with the envirnmental exposures of the approximately 100 toxic substances found in the soil, drinking water and ground water of Edgewood in 1978, that forced the Army to cap the drinking wells for the base and the town. The first 4 chemicals on the list all cause cardiac problems,so like I have said before I am a chinese menu, just pick something. They are the ones who don't want to talk about Edgewood, and if it goes to BVA it will be remanded for development of the Edgewood issues, the trouble is I may not live that long, for 3-5 years of remands and delays, I was diagnosed with Congestive heart failure in 2000 the normal life expectancy is 8-10 years, the odds are not in my favor, I realize some live longer and some live shorter, and God will take me when he's ready, but I want resolve for my wife's security before I die, as we all know when I die, the claim dies and she will play hell getting my heart SC after I am dead.

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  • HadIt.com Elder



You have won some VERY difficult ... "Paperwork Firefights" ... with the DVA.

I am sure that many of the SOs would have given you almost a "Zero Chance" with what you have accomplished thus far.

Also .... I have no doubt that you will SC your heart conditions ... just keep banging away at them.

Just a though ... What about an "IMO with a SUPER SPECIALIST" ... with your heart ... to provide a nexus ?????

I have great repect for your tenacity and you have inspired me (with your emails and posts here) when I was down. ..... Thanks

Your friend ...

... Magoo .. aka .. Bill ... :rolleyes:


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Thanks Magoo, you are right, I have had numerous SO's tell me I would never be SC let alone get 100%, so I know what I have accomplished so far with everyoen's help hereat Hadit is something great for my family and myself, yet until I secure DIC for my wife thru the heart issue's I won't be able to really rest, yes getting the P&T was a great victory, but like most vets, I need the long term security for the family to be able to be comforatble.

Like most vets I would rather still be working, that just isn't possible, so I work on vet issue's trying to get the Edgewood story told, right now I am involved with a magazine article that is being written about the tests, a movie about Gulf War Illness, some laywers about a lawsuit against the government not about the tests, but their failure to "find us" after promising Congress in March 1993, then lying to the GAO in 2004 about not being able to find us until 2009, I am not suing for what happened onn active duty I am filing a lawsuit onthe basis the govt is deliberately obstructing these 7120 veterna sand widows from obtaining the documents they need to prove their SC disabilitiies from the tests, the governments argument that they can;t find us until 2009 does not hold water, they found us in FY 2000 for this health study and the IOM still has the names and addresses as of FY 2000 and Rick Erdtman of the IOM has sent me an e mail saying as soon as DOD autorizes the IOM to give the names and addresses to the VA he will, so why exactly is it DOD claims they can't find us, when the "test vets" file claims we are just ignored, lied to, about etc. I know I can prove DOD is lying about not being able to find us to the GAO.

I will keep throwing rocks, and eventually I will break the right window, no one ever won a battle by quitting it. http://www.outsidethebeltway.org/sipri.htm

Next time you talk to Sir Flip tell him I said Hi. Mike

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