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Bva Decisions?



Hello there and thank you much to anyone that will respond as I am trying to figure this out. I am stumped by what ebenefits is showing...I'm aware the site is not always up to date, but this one really stumps me. The status on my claim states that the BVA has made a decision, I will be notified, and the file was sent to VAMC. The thing is I was not aware my claim was at BVA, no notification, no docket number, zilch. Last I'd heard, my claim was still sitting at VARO, albeit, some new movement such as sent for newer C&P exam. I never received a letter from VARO, but a phone call from VAMC for the scheduled exam which I did attend. My previous exam had been noted by me to VARO as an inadequate exam, but the latest one was much more thorough, even as there were still few mistakes on it...what I was said to have said vs. what I did, in fact, say in the interview. Besides, the latest denial was just this past December and BVA would not move that fast, which is making lesser sense. Has this notation showed up for anyone else on ebenefits? Does anybody have any idea what this could mean? If, in fact, BVA had my file, why would it now be sent to VAMC? What usually happens with a file once a decision, for or against award, when BVA has made their decision? Additionally, it is noted as appealable which makes me further wonder if it's denied? Thank you to anyone that takes the time to respond...

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the VAMC notation is standard after a decision is made by BVA, so it looks like it may have happened. I would call 800-923-8387 and see if they will tell you what the decision was.

And it can go quick. Mine had an old docket number but it was decided in less than 7 weeks in my favor.

If it is really granted in your favor then it goes to the RO for processing. Good luck after that. Mine was granted April 4 and i cannot find one soul to tell me what is going on with it...

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If you havent received a SOC/ssoc or any documentation about your docket number, I would chalk this up to the quality of eBenefits information.

According to eBenfits I have 3 appeals pending with the BVA. What I have are two appeals that I filed a Form 9 on after the DRO review was complete and I still disagreed with the decision. They havent been certified and forwarded to the BVA yet because they are still working the DRO review from my 12/2010 decision that is wrong. Even though everything is still in Detroit they have coded it in eBenefits as pending with BVA.

In October I was told that BVA made a decision on my claim September 30, and that decision was mailed October 3, 2011. What in fact had happend was after the March 2012 DRO decision on my October 2010 decision (rating for Cervical spine, in 20120 they just SC it). The VARO (Detroit) realized I had not filed a form 9 and they had closed my claim/appeal. They have never sent me anything about closing this claim due to the expiration of the time period for the form 9, but never the less they indicate this was a BVA decision.

I had called the BVA number on eBenefits to verify what if anything they had. The told me: 1. I do not or never have had any claim/appeal sent to the BVA. 2.The Appeal status as it relates to my inquiry, are input by the Local VARO and they do not control that. They promptly suggested I call the 800 827 1000 number for clarification (yes a wry-thin smile appeared on my face momentarily at such a stellar suggestion.

An IRIS message routed to Detroit VARO received a response of (paraphrased) you do not have any items pending with the BVA, who told you this?

I would guestimate that your Local VARO has made a decision. I base this on the fact you have had a second C&P. I don't remember details sometimes but wern't you trying to expedite your claim (I may have mis-remembered) You could check your benefits letter on eBenefits and see if the dollar amount or effective date has changed?

Best regards

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71M10...thank you very much for your reply. Well, at least I got a smile today at the way you describe the process (rolling my eyes at their suggestion to call peggy at 800#) as it certainly fits with my walk with this claim. Thank you for your guesstimation as I am thinking along the same lines...VARO has made a decision which remains to be seen what they did this time. Gosh, I am so hoping this is over for me for what has been years fighting VARO with so much misinformation on their part, but if not, I'm not giving it up until I die!! Geez, I many times have been left to wonder if they're reading the same stuff I am, but it's been what it's been. No, it wasn't me trying to expedite my claim, just trying to get a fair and objective look at it, without it taking the rest of my life (years are catching up on me). I attempted on ebenefits for any letters, but there is nothing there, nor will amounts change because I have never received any benefits from them. I had a lawyer lined up for this claim because I feel like I can't do this alone anymore, but did not hire the firm once their contract crossed in the mail with the call for the new C&P. At that time, I decided to wait it out and see if VARO would do the right thing after the exam information was received by them. I'm now hoping that if this is simply another denial, the attorney doesn't just shaft me because I didn't comply with returning a signed contract, although, I did let the firm know about the new development on my claim, thus the reason why I wanted to give it a chance to see if the process would work. I know that an attorney is not going to just make it happen, only evidence will, but the evidence has been there all along, but at least they can deal with what I have felt has been an overwhelming process better than I can. Well, I'll just have to wait for that VA notice, one way or the other, but thank you so much for the smile I got out of it...made my day on an otherwise not good feeling day while dealing with this crazy ride for me of this VA process.

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