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Sample Letter For Applying For T&p Disability Rating



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I am thinking about P&T after my doctor explained what it was to me I have just been fighting for 100% because I thought it meant benefits for family but apparently it doesn't unless your PT. I am

70 TBI/PTSD/ Memory loss/lapses

30 dizziness and lightness

30 scars

20 shoulder injury

10 foot injury

10 tinnitus

0 finger injury

0 percent migraines

If I lose this temp job which could happen if I make another mistake its acceptable now because I just started and learning they said. But Vie been doing maintenance on helicopters for over 10 years my learning curve wont ever be over. once they realize this I am gone. I didn't tell them about my TBI which I did at American Airlines and was put on a medical unpaid leave permanently forcing me to resign. My wife's pregnant and my anxiety if it wasn't on high alert from people making me paranoid, baby stress, keeping health benefits by keeping job, and navigating this VA system. I have a C&P exam for my migraine increase which at the least should be 30 I get them at least every other day if not daily, I was prescribed pain killers for them from the VA and shock therapy from them for the migraines. What exactly will get an increase anythings better then 0? Do I request for PT to the doctor on Saturday apparently he specializes in PTSD which is a first for me my 2 exams were done  while ago by VA hacks? Also should I ask to get it separated from my TBI it was already at 70 before they lumped PTSD with It? But that virtually impossible I cannot remember my TBI or4 months for that matter I'm on panic mode right now and need help.Pleeaasee!!

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On June 20, 2012 at 11:49 AM, Gulfvet45 said:

Just go to your VSO and talk to him. if your last rating is less than 5 year I would not.

So mine has been 6 years and no improvement at my review he put no treatment plan but I'm in the Polytrauma program that has started but no. Real treatments have started yet. I don't know if that will hurt me since I've been told it won't ever get better two years after my TBI if I wasn't better in 2008. I am 90 % disabled and I won't be getting better and is likely to be permanent which is what I was told in 2008 military and civilian doctors. 

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Anyone get that feeling you just want to punch this hamster in the face knock him of his wheel and start spinning the wheel with your hand to speed it up.... Just a thought I had that and wondering if hamster tasted like chicken 

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I have written on here about myself. I filed for P&T even though they had only just given me 100% with SMC-S a couple of months before  (backdated 2 years). My case is that I felt that I should be P &T for my PTSD which they awarded me 100% scheduler alone for. It only took like a month for them to approve my P&T application. I might be a rare case here. It took me a very long time to get to 100% though ( started at 10% for my ptsd and fought for the next 10 years to get to 100%). I filed a 526EZ along with my 21-4138 stating why I felt I should be P &T and I also attached my SSDI award letter and a social security statement that showed that I hadn't worked in over 5 years. Everyone is different so I don't think there is a sample letter because no two vets are the same.  If you are planning to file go for it. Be prepared for the worst but hope for the best. That's what I did.

The biggest relief was the benefits received for being P&T because I have an almost 13 year old and a soon to be newborn that I needed the additional benefits for. 

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Does any one have a sample letter that they used to request total and permanent disability rating after they had been rated 100%.

What are your SC'd conditions and how long have you held the

100 percent rating?

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