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  • HadIt.com Elder

Housebound is listed under special monthly compensation S scale

You either meet the percentage requriements or are housebound.

The RO will most likely ignore it.


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I am homebound which is why the doctor stated that in my records. If I dont meet the percentage requirements is it possible to still get homebound rating because of my records even though I didnt apply for homebound?

Youre saying the VA does ignore some C&P exam records?

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My nexus letter and C&P exam states that I am homebound.


It's obvious you have a claim in for VBA benefit issues or a

C&P exam would not have been scheduled.

At this point your profile shows zero percent of SC.

The criteria for housebound (SMC - S) is SC at total plus 60 percent

and there are a couple of other things that might help get it too,

although not done very often.

What issues do you currently have claims in for SC ?

Please copy & paste exactly what your "nexus letter and C&P exam"

state and better answers / guidance can be provided.

Do not post something personal like name, claim #, SSA #, address, etc...

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I had my exam but I have not recieved a letter with the decision yet is why I am still at 0 percent.

PTSD chronic and unremitting

Panic disorder with agorophobia

Social alienation, housebound, limited access to healthcare

Unable to leave home unless for extreme cases

Occupational and social impairment with deficiencies in most areas

The 2 mental disorder can not be differentiated because the 2 mental disorder developed at same time

All of the top boxes are checked for the criteria used for establishing PTSD except for burst of anger. 20 boxes checked

Symtoms listed as .. depressed mood, aniety, suspiciousness, panic attacks that occur weekly or less often, near continuous panic or depression affecting the ability to function independently, appropriately and effectively.

Chronic speep impairment

Memory loss for names, relatives, ownoccupation or own name

Disturbances of motivation and mood

Difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships

Inability to maintain effective relationships

Suicidal ideation

DIfficulty in adapting to stressful ciscumstances including work or worklike setting

Extreme agorophobia

My nexus letter is not as thorough as the C&P exam records but it states Chronic PTSD and severe agorophobia. My nexus is more about my extreme agorophobia.

The doctor wrote about 2-3 pages worth of notes. Nothing to hurt my claim.

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MH disability's get one rating even tho most are co-morbid

with additional MH diagnosis.

The info I already posted addresses SMC - S - housebound.

The C&P looks to be in your favor in relation to percentage evaluation,

but I did not read anywhere as to what the examiner's opinion is

of what your MH conditions are a result of.

That's the very first step in all VBA claim issues, is getting

SC granted first of all.

If the examiner opined your MH condition/s were more than or

at least as likely as not related to something on

active duty and this can be substantiated then at least

SC should be granted - that's step one.

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I have proof and evidence of a stressor which is in my records. I thought I listed that the doctor said this but I guess I didnt. It does state that the disability PTSD and panic disorder with agorophobia is as least as likely as not caused by or a result of assualts. So I wasnt really concerned about step 1 because I knew I needed that and had that. I was trying to figure out if I could get housebound since the doctor stated that. What kind of percentage should I be looking to get?

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  • HadIt.com Elder

The criteria for Housebound or SMC S is 100 or Iu for 1 condition plus an additional 60 percent. this is called statutory housebound,

The other requirement is to actually be housebound and agoraphobia is a very good reason for that.

Hang in there.

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  • Moderator

Ok. To clear this up there are actually two "housebound's"

One is SMC "housebound". The criteria for it are to have a single 100 percent disability and additional disabilities of 60% or more OR

being housebound "in fact", that is, if your doc says you are housebound. This is for disabled Vets and there is no "means test" that is, you dont have to have limited income or assets. Its a service connected compensation Special Monthly Compensation.

The other is SMP "housebound". This is part of a pension program and requires eligibility for "pension". Pension eligibility has strict income and net worth guidelines. You also must have served "during time of war" to be eligible for pension. The advantage of SMP "housebound" over SMC is that you do not have to have "service connected" to qualify. You could be housebound because you got old and your joints are worn out. You dont have to be wounded in the war.

I think the VA lumps these two VA programs together, in part, to confuse Vets so many do not apply. Some think they dont qualify because they make or have too much money. This is true with pension but not true with compensation. Others think they have to have been injured in the war and have to be service connected to collect housebound. This is true with SMC housebound but not with pension housebound.

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Thanks for all the help. I am definitely housebound and it is pretty bad the severity of my case which I have plenty of evidence to prove that claim. I'm not getting into to specifics but my agoraphobia is extremely bad. I came so close to not going to that C&P exam. How often is that required if you are awarded compensation? I just don't know if I can go back there and especially on a regular basis.

Also no1 has said if housebound is something that I have to apply for even though the doctor has me listed as housebound. Does any1 know the answer to that?

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  • Moderator

Yes, apply pronto!

While there are some circumstances when the VA is supposed to "infer" housebound, dont bet the farm on the VA doing that. Instead, go ahead and apply, and after you get it, you can challenge the effective date on the basis that VA was supposed to infer it. Otherwise, the VA can blow you off indefinately. Just because you go to the doc, this does not mean the VA takes everything the doc says as a claim. The VA says you have to "show intent" to apply for benefits and they automatically assume when you go to the doc that you are seeking "treatment" not benefits from the doc.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Pete53 knows about HB for panic disorder and agoraphobia. I got mine for TDIU plus 60% and I had to file a CUE claim to get it. Actually, I just asked for it and the VA called a CUE and awarded it to me. If I had not claimed it I never would have got it even with Bradly vs Peake. If you claim HB for a medical condition you probably will have a C&P exam for it. If it is statutory then the VA should infer it and no exam. However, as others have said if you don't claim it you probably don't get it. I got two years retro. Any PTSD or mental health vet with a 100% should claim it. VA is supposed to consider it and if they don't I think that is a possible CUE. Remember every dime you get from the VA will go into making any cola's larger for you.

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My claim is in the authorization stage.

Would it still be a good idea to apply for housebound now or should I wait until I receive the decision in mail?

At this point


do not call or submit absolutely anything at all to va.

Doing so could easily throw the brakes on everything.

Wait the time out for your decision.

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I got a white envelope today. It said 100% :) They did not award housebound. So what should I do now? Just call and ask for it? The VA doctor and my personal doctor clearly states that I am housebound.

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Is there a thread for CUE letters. I guess I will have to write 1. Any help?

I just realized there is a CUE forum.

I replied to your CUE forum post but you will do better keeping it all in this topic for now.

Please post the decision - without info like name, claim #, etc...

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I got a white envelope today. It said 100% :) They did not award housebound.

So what should I do now? Just call and ask for it?

The VA doctor and my personal doctor clearly states that I am housebound.

Again -

1) DO NOT SUBMIT ANYTHING ELSE TO VA YET or call 800 or send an iris

inquiry about this SMC/S issue.

2) At this point you have absolutely no grounds to file a claim for CUE.

3) Please post the decision.

4) What is your current age ?

Here's something else to consider.


Below is the exact criteria for SMC/S.

(i) Total plus 60 percent, or housebound; 38 U.S.C. 1114 ( s ).

The special monthly compensation provided by 38 U.S.C. 1114(s)

is payable where the veteran has a single service-connected disability rated as 100 percent

You have met the above portion of the criteria for SMC/S - but there is still more criteria to meet.


(1) Has additional service-connected disability or disabilities independently ratable at 60 percent,

separate and distinct from the 100 percent service-connected disability and

involving different anatomical segments or bodily systems,

You definitely don't meet the criteria of the portion above.


(2) Is permanently housebound by reason of service-connected disability or disabilities.

This requirement is met when the veteran is substantially confined as a direct result of service-connected disabilities

to his or her dwelling and the immediate premises or, if institutionalized, to the ward or clinical areas,

and it is reasonably certain that the disability or disabilities and resultant confinement will continue

throughout his or her lifetime.

In that rating decision I'm asking you to post, it will be important to see if permanent is

mentioned anywhere - or if the C&P examiner or provider that wrote your nexus, states

this will more likely than not last throughout your lifetime, and/or if they provided full

medical rationale to support the opinion of "extreme agoraphobia".

In reply to something else you posted,

"I came so close to not going to that C&P exam.

How often is that required if you are awarded compensation?"

Just so you know - there are many, many claimants that come real close to not going to their C&P exam.

Not attending a C&P exam that has been scheduled is pretty much felt to make for an

automatic denial.

Believe me - NO ONE usually wants to go OR looks forward to a C&P exam.

Now, onto your question regarding how often it's required to attend a C&P exam

if you are awarded compensation?

True answer: ANY and EVERY time one is scheduled.

Even if the VBA adjudicates you to be P&T - if a C&P is scheduled

DO NOT miss it.

It takes 20 full years of a continuous evaluation for a given disability

until the evaluation is protected from reduction (absent a finding of fraud).

It takes a full 10 years of a continuous evaluation for a given disability

until the evaluation is protected from severance (absent a finding of fraud).

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  • Moderator

Welcome back Carlie

If you think you are eligible for housebound, and the VARO decision did not award it, you have one year to appeal, or the decision becomes final.

There are 2 ways to get "housebound". One way is the "Statuatory" housebound, that Carlie Posted. The other way is HOUSEBOUND in FACT. If you meet the criteria for statuatory housebound, you need not get a doc's statement that you are housebound. However, if you do not meet the statuatory housebound critera, you still can use evidence from your doctor to obtain "housebound in fact".

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I guess this is what you are asking for ..


Service connection for PTSD and panic disorder with agoraphobia (previously referred to as unspecific mental condition) is granted with an evaluation of 100 percent effective July 28, 2010.

It does also state in the reason for decision that since there is a likelihood of improvement, the assigned evaluation is not considered permanent. I just looked over my C&P exam records again and the doctor said several times that my condition is severe. Obviously I can't type all of what the doctor said but here is a little more to add that I believe supports my claim for extreme agoraphobia ..

Rarely interacts with family, rarely leaves home, avoids family reunions, no social contacts. Veteran acknowledges some reduction in anxiety over the years (yet I still have a diagnoses of extreme agoraphobia). Sense of a foreshortened future (does not expect to have a career, marriage, children, or a normal life span).

I can add more but with the information I have provided so far, what do you think about a CUE case now?

Im 29

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