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Anyone Out There Desire To Change The Process?




I realize that you all must be laughing hysterically at this post. Thinking that this guy must be joking or extremely naive. Well, I'm not joking, just disgusted. As I browse the internet seeking assistance about veterans issues, I'm really appalled by the injustices that many of us face in our pursuit of benefits. I've decided that I'm going to dedicate a major portion of my time and limited resources to ensuring that this stops. There is NO reason that this process takes so long. Call it apathy or lethargy, take your pick. I call it an " American Tragedy". Our elected officials have the power to change this and with everbodies help, I think we can get them to change it. As long as THEY are creating more disabled veterans every day, they're accountable. We have so many compelling stories, and it's time we informed the world of this treatment. There is no logical reason that any claim can't be completed with 365 days (including appeals). I've been inside VA buildings, they must work smarter and perhaps harder (limiting breaks, internet browsing, chit chat etc...). If there goal were redefined for them and officials held accountable, perhaps we could affect positive outcome. Imposing real disciplinary action on neglectful officials would be a key component in affecting this change. Something as simple as three strikes and your gone. Do away with REMANDing? It wastes time. Simply overrule the previous findings. If a VA official has an original decision or a DRO has their rulings changed 3 times, they gotta go. This may make the actually read the evidence that's before them. We would simply want those involved in the process "Do the Right Thing". No more, No less. If you want to help let me know. I'm very serious. If I have to do it alone, I'll work it till I die. I heard the stories, but until it happened to me, it never hit home. I apologize to all for not taking up the fight sooner. I swear by all that is sacred to me that I will not rest until this issue is resolved. We have an election coming in 2008, if we organize and work smart, perhaps we could use this to our advantage and affect positive change by then. Media, print, internet, we'll need to pool the resources and get real EXPOSURE. I'm very serious, and I hope you are too.

GOD Bless

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Guest jstacy

Guys a lot of good folks are just like us. They tried to change the system but it takes an act of congress to do so. No matter how corrupt these people are, They are untouchable. It is kind of like James bond with license to kill. All intensions are good to try to change, But it will be a moot point because it all boils down to money or budget and there will never be enough to go around with the complex bull going on in WAshington. The worst thing is that ths system was set up just this way in order to create confusion and put the screws to the Vets. We are just numbers to them and if we complain, we are bold numbers. Have you heard the old saying? deny, deny, deny, for some day they will die. I would love to help in anyway I can. I have been around the block a few times myself. About 15 years worth.

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"I've decided that I'm going to dedicate a major portion of my time and limited resources to ensuring that this stops"

Payback-I agree with much of what you said-

Those BVA remands are most often due to a failure in the RO to supply a vet with a VCAA letter Before their initial denial.

I never got one and only via hadit did I find out what the formal Election Notice even looks like-

I have contacted the IG, the Senate Committee on Vets Affairs, the Disability Commission, and

most recently my Congressman. I also asked the VARO to CUE their p[ast decision on my claim due to violation of 38 USC 5103 - this is a VRO legal error and the discussions yesterday refine this to Procedural defect- Either way without a proper VCAA Notice and Election form the vet responds with to the VARO- the vet is done for unless the RO awards early in the process on the evidence,which they do but not in every case.

I heard my RO started working on Saturday to get these VCAA letters out.Maybe the squeaky wheel got a foot up their ----well

See my recent posts on the VCAA.

I am assessing my time carefully and will be devoting as much as I can to changing my VARO.

It takes pressure on these VAROs, by claimants who have proof of the way they do business, to start this

process (or widows like me)

If we each pick a VARO to focus our complaints on we could cover every VISN in the country.

If you have a vet org that has stood by idly watching your rights as a claimant get screwed, they too are accountable.

If vets get the right to get lawyers I am sure lawyers would see some potential way to sue negligent vet reps too.

I sued a NSO. But I had not incurred damages. My VA claims were won.

If a vet rep causes a vet financial damage- they can be sued in a state court.

I think lawyers should consider this facet of negligence as well as helping vets with their disability claims.

I have to spend less time here. What you suggest is something I am doing.

Letters to public officials have to be carefully thought out, yet they must be strong.

5 days after I wrote to the Senate re the backlog with evidence that the ROs themselves are causing the BVA backlog to occur- the Senator sent my VARO a letter and they dont know what to do with it.

My claim is proof of my charges. I asked for oversight and investigation of my VARO- Buffalo.

I am doing an investigation of them myself- it all takes time-the Morning Reports alone are hard to interpret-

but they take an end product code (930) for claims they have never properly worked on.

Veterans can change this system.

I have been in it for twenty years. When I again became an actual claimant in 2003 again-I was shocked at how bad it got in twenty years from a claimants point of view.

The VCAA and numerous other new regs in the last decade are absolutely useless if the VA does not consistently apply them to all claims.

I am not political on this issue at all-I just fully intend to see my VARO Buffalo change their ways.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

You know the VA compensation and disability system did not get this screwed up by accident. They behave just like an insurance company. Hold onto the money as long as possible any way possible. With tens of thousands of backlogged claims those in power know their is a big problem but don't have the desire or will to fix it.

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Good Afternoon to All,

What each has responded is the absolute truth. However, it doesn't change the fact that a change must come. Everytime I see the figures from this recent war continue to climb, I realize how much worse the issue will become if it doesn't change. The benefits provided a dead soldiers family during the war on terror are very minute and the fact that the families of the initial clash in that war (9/11) received $3.15 million each. I feel for them, but to be honest, what's the difference between that and a natural disaster or OK City. I realize that this is strictly financial managment by the federal gov't. They know that they'll eventually have to pay, but they know the longer it takes, the more they'll save. This is simply gross mismanagement of tax dollars. There's money available, we just lent $230 million to Lebanon. We lend money to every 3rd world country on the planet. What I'm saying is stop the madness and pay the people responsible for providing the security you live under on a daily basis. If we all surmise that everyone is aware of the problem, then this is government sanctioned crime, correct? I guarantee that I'm going after everyone involved with my claim. The QTC doctor, original official who review my claim, and the DRO if he doesn't come correct. I'm also very disappointed with AMVETS. I've had zero contact with them since my original appointment. They won't return phone calls or answer email. My case is really simple I've provided enough documentation to easily receive 100% and they return with 40%. I probably wouldn't be half as upset if they at least came close. I feel as if they spit in my face and basically said that my 23 years of service to my country meant nothing to anyone. I'm going to beat every bush until I find some young hot shot attorney who wants to make a REAL difference in the world and I'll provide the avenue. My QTC examiner actually repeatedly told bold faced lies that cost me money. I'm still a young man and I intend on collecting what is owed. I realize it's an uphill battle (if everyone knows veterans were promised cradle to grave healthcare, and gov't officials can actually testify in front of Congress that they weren't), but I'm in it to win it. Anyway, I woke up this morning and the sun was still shining. It's a great day.

Take Care

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  • In Memoriam

I threw the alarm clock away . It looks like you found it. Good Morning. Those of us, who have been buried for the last thirty+ years, are just waking up. If you have hadit you are in the right place.

I went to the Psyche's last Wednesday, with my hadit hat on. The nurse just stared at my hat. Finally she said, "Hadit ". I said, "What". She said, "Hadit ". I said, "What".

She went on with her other questions, just looking at my hadit hat. hehe It just felt great, slowly limping out of her office, knowing that she could see the www.hadit.com, in white letters, on the back of my hadit hat.

Heck, I think tbird is a genius .

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