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Sick Of This

Guest HolliGreen


Guest HolliGreen

I called my RO last week to check on the status of my claim; I was given the bum's rush off the telephone. It appears the people answering the telephones would rather be someplace else. I was reading some of the other posts and someone stated "the name of the game is delay", yes, I agree. Are the powers that be waiting for us to die? Holli

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Hang up and call back and hopefully you will get a better person.

Good Luck on your claim.

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  • In Memoriam

I agree with Terry.

My opinion:

The VARO, BVA, AMC, VARO are all designed to the development of negative information for an opponent in the Veterans claims. The only time that the Veteran can rebut, this BS, lies, and misinformation, is at the CAVC (Veterans Court). Most vets do not even know this; are frustrated and quite, before the battle has even started.

Evidence should be accepted, for the Veterans side of the issue, after the phony BVA justice, for personal development of the Vets claim, with a lawyer. If you trust the BVA lawyer, who is said to be a BVA Judge, forget it. For this reason the first four years of negative development, in the VA side of the claim, are almost a useless waste of the Veterans life.

VA just lays in wait for the veteran to give-up more negative information. They do not have this negative information for which they will use against you, until you give-up something. How can the VA weight negative nothing against positive something.

My claims have become such a perponderance of positive information that my claims are running around from desk to desk trying to avoid any more positive information. The one Nurse that gave me a nasal C&P against the qualifed surgion, who orginally performed surgery on my nose, is in a trouble.

Another little trick, that the BVA judge does, is remand one and deny one in an attempt to make you let go of the remanded claim to further stall your claims, by requesting your C-File for the denial. Thus your remands have to go through the process again.

VA might appear as sharp as a bowling ball; it is all planned; all pre-contrived. CAVC claims backlogs are created, to give bean-counters, a 5-10 year projection of their claims cost, because the bean-counters are playing golf with our congressman.

It has taken me 35 years to figure this out. This has got to say something for the think-tank that figured out the system, or maybe I am just a dumb-shit. I kept thinking that I had forgotten something or maybe they had made a mistake.

I have felt misunderstood, dishonored, hurt, embarassed around my family about this, confused, and angry about this unfair secret organizations (called the VARO) under dealings. I will not kiss their butts anymore, ever.

Then again, "it could be all in my head" hehe

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Guest jstacy

Holli, Send and IRIS inquiry. At keast you will have something to refrence and when it is in writing, you have a hard copy and a good paper trail.

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Hi Holli,

Please don't get too discouraged. That is what their stock in trade is; delay, deny and maybe you will fold under the pressure. Don't buy into it. Keep your cool and plow ahead. Make sure you hit all of your deadlines and get good representation. Don't get mad, get even. Keep in touch if you need any moral support. Been there and got many T-shirts. Best of luck Peacenik.

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I like your name-remember the singer Al Green? he saved my life-in 1980s-

Then I think he saved my life in the 1990s and he still gets me through the misery of the VA claims process-in the 2000s

My point is I love music-Mozart to hard rock, Michael Jackson to the Carpenters- Zepplin, Joplin, whoever and what ever-

Whatever helps you to get your mind off them (VA)will help to renew you for their next ordeal-

we have battle scars here- we know what this is like----

it is a National Disgrace the way vets are treated by the VA----

but one of our members said something that I think some others here are seeing too-----

that "the times ---they are a changin'"

Vets are finally getting really fed up and many have taken steps to get this system fixed.

There are too many of us outraged claimants for them to ignore.

I've been playing Dylan CDs every day just to make sure that- for the VA-"the times -they are a changin'"--

and I will do my part to make it all change.

Play some music and give yourself a little treat veteran- and dont allow these VA bastards to get you down. Because another song Bob Dylan wrote says it all----

someday we will look back at the VA and at what

"used to be".

Edited by Berta
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