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Tracking Your Mail To

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If you use Priority with tracking slip or certified mail- remember to track the mail on line at USPs -dont put any hyphens into the tracking number -just the same spaces as the number has on the receipt.

Asl them at the USPS site to email you confirmation of future activity-

I print out confirmations from USPS for all VA mail I send.

I was concerned about something- I used certified but days went by-no green card-

USPS just verified by email that the VA got this.

A proof of mailing with delivery confirmed at the VA means the mail is in VA's possession-

what they do beyond that -----who knows--but the USPS confirmation is the proof that VA has what you sent.

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Berta, I had to learn the hard way. But since I have been a Hadit Member, The lady at the USPS and I are on a first name basis. She is also a Vet and I dont even have to ask for the tag.

Everyone needs to heed this advice, for the VA is like a small child, Ask them where something is and you get the old deer in the headlight look.

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I had a situation where the VA claimed they did not receive my VA9 in time. I provided them copies of the green card, email confirmation from usps etc.... Their response was that although I had proof of making a mailing to VA it did not proof what was mailed.

There proof of mailing follows the line that if they say they mailed it then that is proof of receipt. The battle continues.


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I've thought this to be a problem for a long time. I have in the past sent evidence to the VA through the Postal service and asked for receipt confirmation. While this is good and does state that you sent them something, it doesn't say what you sent. Could have been a blank piece of paper or form as far as the VA is concerned. Should be a better way of being able to handle this. Maybe there are some ideas out there. We do have a local VARO in our area, so we are able to hand deliver anything we want to make sure they get. This way, we are able to get their copy and our copy date stamped. But this can be a real hastle for us as there is not very good parking where the VARO is located.


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The VA response is just pure bullshit and is outrageous. Just about every legal organization uses certified mail as proof of delievery and receipt. Only the VA would pull a stunt like that. You see what kind of incompetents you are dealing with, so be on your guard. When I really want to make sure the VA gets something I hand carry it to the regional office and get a date stamped copy. This is about the only way I know to make sure and I am not even sure about that. My regional office has lost every single piece of paper I ever sent them at least once. At least they are consistent. They have no excuse, but to shrug their shoulders. I think I would take the delivery receipt to my congressman and show them what kind of fools you have to put up with at the VA.

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You are right mssoup-it doesn't say what you sent them-

I emailed the Buffalo Director that my 3rd IMo was in the mail and to put away the shredder-this is one they will have to read-

I also called the BVA but they didnt get it (the new IMO )yet-will check at end of week-I have their signed green card but as you say-that doesn't mean much-

In the 1990s I had so many green cards one would think I was an illegal alien.

They (The BVA)did get a letter from the VARO regarding a "complaint" and that is shown in my file there-

I said what complaint-I have made so many-but they didnt know which one-

I got the name of the BVA FOIA attorney- sending her a letter to check a few things in my file at DC and to get a copy of that complaint-maybe it is a complaint about me! That would be grand.

I have called the BVA twice since my c file was sent there and everyone who talked to me seemed to be completely on the ball and interested in the big fuss I made about the VCAA violations I incurred.

This is the main reason for the BVA backlog. The BVA wen site shows what I mean -search Remands.

Men and women- I keep not only the 800 #phone log which is here at hadit but also a list of all of my submissions, a file for hard copy emails from the VA or my vet reps in case I need to use them against them-and numerous folders for SOCs, etc and all the other VA crapola-my cues are separate from my other claims-in separate folders with evidence-

My Bonny V Principi claim-filed in Jan 2003 and promised a decision twice just sits there all by itself in a file with the CAVC Bonny regs.3 1/2 years and I bet they haven't read it yet -one page-easy to read.

I tried to bypass the RO and squeeze an opinion from General COunsel but that didnt work-they will read it eventually.

I have stacks of manila folders re: VA but this work gets one organized. My priority stack and my greens cards are separate-and I try to put the USPS # on the copy of what I sent.

Every thing is tabbed with colored tabs on the tab and on the front as to what is in the file-

The med recs are tabbed by year in a big binder.

All the CHAMPVA and Chapter 35 are separate and all of Rod's military records are separate too,and tabbed. Even the decisions he got in 1988 are here.

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