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Stessor Letter

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Does it have to been in his own hand writing or can he type it out.

He has started to write the letter, but needed to stop cause it was really bothering him to write down things and dates. his hand writting and spelling is terrible and know one can read it. He even has a H of a time reading it.

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How can us spouse help when you have a husband like mine.

He is getting angry at me because he has to write this d-- letter. It has been nothing but agruing since last night. Why in the H--- do you have to write all of this down. All it is doing is bring up old wounds and bad memories. and of Course Marriage Problems.

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Guest terrysturgis

I helped a friend of my wife. Her husband started the stressor letter with her and said he did not want to put her through the pain. He called me and asked me to help. It was very difficult for him but maybe because I am a Viet Nam vet it helped. We started it and he started to cry but we got through it.

As I remember the letter was mailed in my handwriting. I do not think it matters weather it is hand writen or typed. It must be legible. He did sign the form.

Do not hold back. Tell it like it was. Along with the letter we enclosed pictures of the first two enemy he killed with an M-60. It seemed like it was a bit graphic but he was awarded only 30%, to low but he is happy.

Provide all the evidence and proof of stressors you can. The more the better.

No one wants to deal with the stressors again but if he can get through it the rewards will be a blessing. Take care and hang in there, God Bless. Terry Sturgis

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  • Elder

If you could find another Veteran who can write to help it will save you and him a lot of aggravation. I think that most men try to shied their wives from things that disturb them.

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John M, You do not have to go thru with that, You can dictate the letter to another person.

It does not matter who wrote it as long as you tell them what to write and sign the letter.

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