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Chiropractic Care ,,, Are We Eligible. Or Not Under Va Laws

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yes or no

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63Sierra, I have had similar experiences. My VA PCP didn't even know there was a spine care clinic in the hospital and denied knowing about the referrals to the the Dallas VA Spine hospital. I literally had to show her on my iphone. I really got irritated with her. Much like the comment from her nurse stating that my back problems are due to my being overweight.

Anyways, I would press for the referral. I did. I got the appointment, but I couldn't go since I landed in the hospital for a week with the ITP condition. I don't recall exactly but it should be under theraputic services or something of that nature.

I do recall reading somewhere that if you are in need of services for a service connected issue and the services are available locally that there is a way to do it on a fee basis type of arrangement.

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I agree 63SIERRA, I kind of fired my VA PCP, well what I stated was that I did not believe that she had my best interest in mind and that I and my private providers would be managing my care, however, I know I'm going to have to keep seeing VA docs. No matter the frustration or aggravation I still have to maintain some medical continuity with the VA providers. I just got fed up with all the BS, downplaying of conditions, ignorance of programs, and playing ignorant to basic medical knowledge. I speak from experience as I had this provider three times before back in 2008. I had to pull teeth to get her to order X-rays for my knee issues.

I kind of get concerned when I think about something. I wonder how things would have turned out if the VA medical care was all I had when I came down with ITP. It does concern me quite a bit.

Anyways off point, I know that the OKCVA has chiropractic care, along with a Spine clinic, and physical therapists. It is listed in their directory. I called their offices before I spoke to my VA PCP, when I mentioned it to my VA PCP she stated she wasn't aware of any such programs. I called BS. There is even a program out of Dallas, TX for veterans with spinal cord injuries, Spine Care Center HUB, the only way to get in though is through a referral from your VA PCP though. She wasn't too happy with me when I informed her of this.

From my understanding it is a covered treatment option, chiropractic care that is, there may be some paperwork involved and referrals, however, it is possible to get. I was just using my private provider for chiropractic care but I was in the process of getting seen with the VA except I landed in the hospital.

Just my 2cents.

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heres something else puzzling me, I was going thru my medical records a while back and noticed my previous PCP had ordered a consult to a local Chiropractic clinic. I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED OF THIS . On the bottom of the refferal, it says discontinued. So its like I requested chiro care, the doctor wrote up a refferal and cancelled it all one one sheet of paper. So heres the question. why did she do that? why wasnt I told of a refferal. what did she have to gain, or cover her ass by writing the referral, but immediately cancelling it.

Bro I can tell you the only person who can really answer that question is your provider. You could shoot them an email, I would be curious to read about there response if they would even provide you one.

I have use a chiropractor for many years. It helps with some of the pressure and pain, however, I am one that doesn't believe that chiropractic care will solve every problem. It is a combination of treatment options that help, however, not one on its own can or will really take care of all the issues.

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