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App. Today Didn't Go Well

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Sgt eve


Well I had my second of 3 appointments for the claims I put in Oct 05. Todays appointment was for depression and anxiety. From the get go I didn't feel comfortable talking with her. She asked a lot of questions that when I answered it was like she was looking at me like, "yeah right". I do not like talking about things I went through and or what I'm going through now. I talk to my "shrink" every month at least 2-3 times a month and the Dr. today asked me today what her name was and my mind went blank :rolleyes: . I felt at that moment it descredited everything I had said. The Dr. today asked me alot of dates and times and what happened at this time period etc.... I know I got a couple dates backwards and a few times I had to back track. Oh well.......I was honest and she can think what she wants but I'm pretty sure I won't get anything for this claim. Thanks for letting me get that out. No one understands frustration about this but you guys.

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Sgt eve,

How do you know at this point that you won't be granted anything? You just had your exam. Sometimes your best advocate is the psychaitrist who seems aloof and uninterested. Simply because you felt you did bad may not translate into how the psychiatrist looks at it from a clinical perspective. Having performed many C and Ps, your describing how most depressive and anxious would react to questions when under stress. One must understand that memory and concentration problems are an integeral part of depression and anxiety. Hang tight, you may be surprised with your outcome.


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Actually along with depression and such there are memory problems, it's even more common with PTSD. With anziety you will also have the fidgets about many odd things. I wouldn't worry about any of it until you get your statement of claim back. So long as you told the truth, you can remember what you relayed to her.

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and they have to run your stressors through US CURR anyhow to confirm-if they need to be confirmed-

that is why they need dates, places etc- but you put those on the PTSD questionnaire anyhow right?

I wouldn't worry about this.

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  • Elder

The US CURR will look 7 days before or after the date you give them. That's another reason to get information as accurate as you can. There are several places that are great for searching Vietnam Deaths.

The best is:

Takes a little getting used to search, but unless you can can research unit histories, this site can really help. I have been using that site & couple others for 9 years. Sometimes it just pays to be lucky when searching.

Good Luck

Don Evans

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