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Iris Inquiry # 10... Same Canned Response As Usual



This is my copied/pasted IRIS inquiry:

I requested an increase in rating for my left shoulder after an MRI revealed damage not previously documented by the VA, but had existed since my active duty days. My claim was inexplicably closed in February 2014 without a rating or decision on my left shoulder claim. After several phone calls and visits to the VA offices at the Federal Building, it was explained to me that the closure of my claim was a clerical/administrative error. My claim has since been re-opened, but shows a new expected closure date of mid-2015, which is entirely unacceptable as it was an internal error on the VA’s part. It has already been one year since the initial opening of the claim; I have already had my C&P exam and submitted all evidence necessary. I would like my case to be forwarded to the examining/deciding official so I may get an answer for my request for increase.

I consistently get the same canned response from the VA.

Thank you for your service to our country.

We apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry. We are currently experiencing a large volume of inquiries and are working as quickly as possible to respond to each in a timely manner.

Your claim is currently in the development phase of processing. This phase is where we gather all the evidence we need in order to make a decision on your claim. We will review your claim and inform you of any additional information that is needed.

Currently, claims at the regional office (RO) in Los Angeles are taking about 14 months to complete. Please udnerstand that these time frames are only averages, and that your claim may take longer based upon the specifics of your claim and VA's pending workload.

We apologize for the length of time it is taking to process your claim; however, we are currently experiencing a backlog of claims and are working to get them decided as quickly as possible.

The RO will contact you when a decision has been reached or if any additional information is needed. We appreciate your continue patience.

Thank you for contacting us. If you have questions or need additional help with the information in our reply, please resopond to this message or see our other contact information below.

Sincerely yours,

C. Boyd

National IRIS response center



I get this same response almost everytime. These guys suck. That is all.

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Unfortunately, that's the way the system works. You are where you are in the stacks. It's possible that they will complete the claim in a shorter time than they advertise as the average in their response, and eBenefits' expected time frames are completely wrong all the time (if not, it's a fluke). According to what the VA just published this afternoon, the average time to completion for claims originating at LA is 314.6 days counting back to Oct 1st. With your claim still in the development phase, it's not actually pushed off to a rater yet. It could be a while or things could suddenly move very quickly.

I've been told that the only way to re-order the stacks is to prove that you are in severe financial difficulty - filing for bankrupcy, house is under foreclosure, etc - or get your Congressman or Senator to change things around. The Congress-thing is pretty iffy and could cause more trouble than it solves.

It's not right, but there is a concept that justice delayed is not justice denied seeing as you'll eventually be reimbursed with whatever retro you receive. Meanwhile, you've got bills to pay whether you're bad enough to be in bankrupcy or foreclosure or not. And the process is piling additional stress on you who is already carrying scars.

Hang in there!

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The problem is this claim was opened in April of 2013. It was pending decision in February of 2014, then subsequently closed. They rated another claim, but completely forgot about the most important one, my shoulder. i have submitted all evidence and had the C&P exam. I have visited the federal bldg on multiple occasions only to hear it was a VA mistake, they should have rated it instead of closing it by accident. They are going 13 months now... they should have had the rating for me in February. is there NO WAY to get them to fix their mistake? They did my C&P exam in January. I got all excited when I checked Ebenefits to see it was getting ready for the decision. It was to my dismay when I found out they closed it due to the clerical error/admin. mistake.

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Most companies will make a desperate attempt to satisfy their customer by making immediate corrections to administrative errors.

Not that bunch in St Pete. They figure the more they abuse you, the more likely you are to "go-away".

I think that some serious firing needs to happen. Especially at the top. Also we need to vote out whomever is in office to show

that we do have some power. Unless we march on Washington, the only power we have is the vote.

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Sounds like another good story for CNN...

VA accidentally closes someone's file but then puts his claim on the bottom of the pile when they reopen it....

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