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Please Give Me Some Insight On My Husbands Claim

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My husband was a narcotic agent severly beaten in the line of duty. He is brain damaged and I am trying to get a increase in his disability from the injuries received in the Army. My husband just received the following C&Ps. The first I think service connected his right upper extremity. The doctor wrote the following he is not able to make any movement at right shoulder,right elbow or right wrist. He is not able to make any movement of right thumb or right hand fingers,not able to make a right hand grip.


1 Right upper extremity pain and weakness is likely due to status post injury/surgery of right shoulder joint.

2 opinion regarding right hand grip: In my opinion patient does not have any grip on the right hand and this condition is likely due to status post right shoulder condition and unlikely due to traumatic brain injury

Another C&P the same week found him incompident to handle his affairs

I wrote a letter today for aid and attendance also unemployable (Did I do the right thing)

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What SC comp % does he get now- and what for-

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Huh? Did he get a military retirement?

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What I mean is what % was he discharged with?

Did you file the formal TDIU form? I will attach it- question # 18- put yes and then have him apply for SSA-

Under # 25 remarks- elaborate a little on the service connected injury and the brain damage-

I am assuming he has had MRIs etc that confirm ischemia of traumatic nature to his brain?


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