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Success From Dr. Bash



I have posted this question prior. I would like to hear of a successful case with an IMO submitted by Dr. Bash. I read where he wrote a great IMO but I have not received any feedback on his success in getting a claim awarded. Please post your claim granted by the VA based on Dr. Bash's IMO and what it was granted for. I hear where alot of people used him or talked to him but no one saying they won their case because of him. With all the talk there should be a lot of replies.


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Some of his BVA cases are posted at his web site and under Dr. Bash, or Dr. Craig Bash-in the search browser at the BVA search site you can find his cases.

This does not show the claims he helped to succeed at the VARO level.

Many vets have had success with Dr. Bash 's IMOs.

If the medical evidence and nexus is there , he can assess it to the benefit of the veteran and he knows VA regs and case law, 38 CFR etc and can shape the evidence into the proper legal criteria for an award.

He cannot perform a miracle. If the medical evidence does not establish the disability or a criteria for a higher rating, there is nothing anyone can do.

If the claim lacks a service nexus he pours through the SMRs to see if one is with them.

Unlike many VA "experts" rendering opinions in SOCs to deny a claim, Dr. Bash looks at the veteran's complete medical records.

"With all the talk there should be a lot of replies." Vets here have succeeded with the help of Dr. Bash.

Lets face it -many vets who have succeeded at the VARO or BVA level with the help of Dr. Bash or have a good IMo from another doctor- are not here at hadit.

There is plenty of proof on the net that he helps veterans all he can with IMOs.

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I talked to Dr Bash yesterday

After our chat he advised me that he thought he could help me win an award for a knee injury suffered in service. He told me what documents he wanted me to send along with a check for a certain amount.

By the way He said after examining my files if he didn't think he could win my case he would refund My check amount. He sounds like a straight up Guy to me, but this dosn't answer your question. Does it?

My tells me to go with Him. :D

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Hi to Berta and all,

Berta, we have talked about this before and respectfully disagree on Dr. Bash. I sent you my IMO prior and told you I felt it was not very strong. I did get AO sc for lung cancer ,BUT THIS IS PRESUMED. I'm lucky that DR. Bash didn't get that denied by mention the smoking aspect. Dr. Bash looked over my service records and latest VA records and did not even mention the DM11 or neuropthy that I got connected by VA C & P. I was denied heart condition and back injuries ( which I am Nodding) as the C & P DOC says back problems more likey than not aggravated by service.

There seems to be alot of people who talk to Bash but decide he is way too expensive or have used him with no tangible results, or still pending. I believe last time we emailed your s was pending. Did you sent his IMO to the RO and they denied his opinion.

If it (his IMO) gets denied he will rewrite but for a charge, not for free. He is very adament about money.

I told him upfront I needed a report for VA, SSDI, and OPM retirement. Paid 2 grand, got one report. Called him and he sent two cover sheets and no reports. Wanted 5$ for each cover sheet and wanted me to use the VA report. It was written especially for VA. I got SSDI and OPM retirement on my own without using his repeort.

I say again and this IS MY OWN OPINION, DR Bash is not worth the price. I am still awaiting proof from this board and other boards where he has many successes. I would not use him again nor reccomend him to anyone. His opinions are of the same as he thinks of himself, over rated and very over priced.

Some may disagree as he says what they want to hear but the proof is in the results.

With respect to all but this is my belief and hate to see a fellow veteran get stuck for alot of money.

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Greetings to all,

In regards to Dr. Bash. I used him over 2 years ago for claims concerning side effects of medications, bi-lateral foot conditions, lower back conditions. Spinal cord compression, edema, gout, migraines. His IME was submitted to the VARO along with my current doctors IMEs inside and outside the VA system. I won all my claims (Full Amount) and in the awards letter in regards to the SOC they mentioned Dr. Bash's opinion's twice as many times as they did My VA doctors (which were in great detail) and my civillian doctor as well. I cannot say in all honestly that Dr. Bash's IME was what gave me my T&P, but I am sure that without it I would have gotten a lower amount, and spent a few more years of denials and appeals, and that alone is worth the money I paid.

I cannot speak about other veterans only my expirence. Would I use him again? in a heartbeat.

God bless you all,


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Callover, Would you go see a Proctologist for a Brain Tumor? I wouldnt. I would however go see a Neuro Radiologist for the following: Spine, Nerve, Bones, Arthriitis, Internal diseases as Cancer. Heart Disease.

Dr Bash excels in these areas. As far as DM and PN due to DM then it is not a good Idea. Now if there is a Nerve Root compression in the C or T or L spine, Then he can win a case.

If your claim can use Dr Bash, Then go ahead and use him. But Like I said, Dont go to a proctologist for a Brain Tumor. The BVA has 264 cases that Dr. Bash offerd his IMO's. Please take the time to read them and draw your own conclusions. Some are wins, Some are losses. I guess if you have a case within the realm of Dr Bash's expertise, You have a good chance of winning.

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Just for the record, the following is the official deffinition of MD scope of practic.


The practice of medicine includes the diagnosis, treatment, correction, advisement, or prescription for any human disease, ailment, injury, infirmity, deformity, pain or other condition, physical or mental, real or imaginary.

A licensed MD can treat just about anything believed or imagined, however, the VA may find someone who has stronger credentials to contradict your MD.

Dr. Bash as an MD can give his opinion on just about anything he wants. The problem arises if the VA has a MD with better credentials in a specific field.

It has been my obsevation that the VA has many support staff, LVN, RN, FNP, PA'a but not very many Board Certified, MD'S with the credentials of Dr. BAsh. So the decision is who do you want to pay?

Because none of the MD's I know will work for free or for less than their usual and customary fees and they will NOT go to court with you if you need them to. And DR. BASH WILL, if needed.

So it is up to each veteran to make the best decision possible for themselves, it may vary from person to person and case to case, no one is 100% that I know of. Sometimes we make decisions with all the information we can gather and it still turns out to be the wrong decision, through no fault of our own.



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As I said the other day here- I gladly paid Dr. BAsh for 2 IMOs and I have a freeby IMo from a former VA doctor.

The only reason my claim was denied is because they said I had provided no medical evidence and they have failed to consider my IMOs.

Although my vet rep ,in 2005, was supposed to make sure the DRO addressed my Bash IMO from 2004-he came out of that meeting with the DRO obtaining a VA expert opinion and still my opinion was never read.

When I got the VA expert opinion I knocked it down with more medical evidence to include the unread Bash IMO-

still all of my medical evidence remained ignored (I had much more in addition to the IMOs from Dr. BAsh and the former VA doctor)

I recently got a fast remand due to these factors and by submitting the new August 2006 IMo from Dr. BAsh to the VARO-as this time he focused on the VA expert's opinion and totally knocked it down.

I have never had his IMOs addressed at all by the Buffalo VARO in 3 1/2 years.

Am I happy with the opinions? YES!!!! they cost me $4,000 to have someone actually diagnose the veteran properly.

The VA never did.

My husband had heart disease, transcient brain ischemia, and was given inappropriate medications.

I diagnosed all that-they didnt- unfortunately he was dead already.

I settled with the US of A for wrongful 1997.

My AO claim is a new issue and of course, if the VA could not diagnose heart disease and strokes, they more than likely missed the actual cause of Rods problems -diabetes mellitus- evident in the veteran's VA records and also covered up.Dr. BAsh diagnosed the veteran with diabetes mellitus based on his VA medical records.

Dr. Bash's IMOs have never been read by the VARO- only due to an exhausting battle I had, I do have some assurance that now they will finally be read.

So in my case I have not succeeded in this AO claim yet-

because the Buffalo VARO has refused to even READ Dr. Bash's opinions.

I have sued the VARO for property destruction of my IMOs as it appears they shred them as soon as they get them-and I have sent them numerous times.

When you compare the IMOs from BAsh with their so called VA medical Expert's opinion- I have a prepoderance of evidence and a very costly claim-retrowise.

It has been to the VA's advantage to continue to ignore all of my medical evidence for over 3 1/2 years.

Medical evidence in addition to my 3 IMOs.

I cannot give you an answer as to why Dr. Bash gave you something that is lacking in your way of thinking.

All you have to do is call him up and ask him why.

If you need his west coast phone number ask here in a post-he does pick up emails and his other Bethesda calls as soon as he can.

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  • Elder

I talk to a Veteran who used to Post on Hadit that had filed his claim in 1997. The Veteran who I talk to several times a week does not Post here anymore.

He hired Dr Bash last summer and waiting 6 months he had received a 60% rating and the back pay. Dr Bash reviewed the decision and wrote another letter and now the Veteran has been informed he was granted 100% and is waiting to hear from the VA.

This guys case was complicated and had a lot of problems plus it appeared that the RO had it in for him. I also can recall of several Veterans who have posted here with Victories that they thank Dr Bash for. The point I make is you don't necessarily need Dr Bash but you damn sure need an IMO.

If I was starting over I would probably hire Dr Bash.

Good Luck


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It is funny that everyone is so pro-Bash, yet where are the posters that say "I" have used him and won. I'm sure not all of the people that have used him have left the boards. Everybody knows somebody that has used him. One person in all the replies so far has used him. One says he eill go to hearing. How much will that cost? "I really do not believe he would go to your hearing." I'm sure you would have to go to DC. Another does a comparision that is rather assinine about proctology and feet. If a "Good Doctor" checks all your medical records he should see your lab results and blood sugers, etc. Also, he is a supposed expert on reading x-rays for different problems, such as spine, back, etc.

I am still awaiting response from someone other than Bound4heaven, whom I am very glad the case was won and congrats to you.

Alot of hearsays and one letter saying I used along with other Doctor. The BVA cases are all of him and others. Did the others charge $2000.

$2000 is a lot of money to most Vets and to pay that much for someone is a risk. Your own Doctor can write an IMO or maybe refer you to someone he knows and it may be quite a bit less. I, unfortunaly, learned of Bash from this board, paid $2000 for his IMO, and feel it worthless. My lung cancer, DM and neuropathy all SC from AO. I just think that all Vets hear both sides. So far there is only one with actual use, along with personal doc's report.

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Callover, On 2 occasions you have posted negative things about Dr Bash. The IMO you recieved from him is based on your preparation of the claim and you must have done a poor job in order to receive a bad IMO.

Now if you want to post something regarding Veterans Claims issues on this board Please feel free to do do. for as of now your on my ignored users list.

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I notice you reply to most post as I guess you think you are an expert. I don't know why you are so hep on Bash. Did you use him and know of what you speak? You state" you must have done a poor job in order to receive a bad IMO." It is my job to gather records and info for Bash to write the IMO,not me. I guess you are not smart enough to know that. And next this does pertain to Veterans Claims as it could save them from wasting $2000. As for my posts I ask for people who had success with Bash, not some idiot with no info to add that just decides to make stupid. Your head is where your sitting.

Callover, On 2 occasions you have posted negative things about Dr Bash. The IMO you recieved from him is based on your preparation of the claim and you must have done a poor job in order to receive a bad IMO.

Now if you want to post something regarding Veterans Claims issues on this board Please feel free to do do. for as of now your on my ignored users list.

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Callover, it appears that you want a debate, not opinions. OK, you want facts, here's one. Dr. Bash's IMO got my husband an additional 10% at the Board level, put him at 100%, retro to 2003, retro pay approx. $38,000. Plus, his concurrent receipt, retro and from this point on. We gladly paid the $2400 to the Doc, and would do so again.

Your last sentence is taking this discussion somewhere it should not go. Don't be insulting.

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  • Elder

I think it is good to discuss Dr Bash or any other MD who helps Veterans. Name calling is not needed. When you ask for opinions on this Board you may or may not get a lot of them. In the case of all but a few it will be opinions cause the only expertise most of us have is being screwed by the VA.

Good Luck.

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Everyone can ignore all they want. I see someone has posted they had success, finally. (That's 2) As far as reading Bash claims I have read where he and OTHER OPINIONS, not just his IMO got a claim awarded. You can knock the VA all you want and it is fine, but don't knock Bask. My opinon is Bash is over-rated and overpriced. He is out more for the money! If you don't like my opinion don't answer or don't read. As far as Jstacy goes his opinion is incorrect as I notice alot of them are. It is not my job to write the IMO. I don't prepare for it. I send data for BASH TO COMPOSE. Jstacy likes to disagree alot and so I disagree with him. I'm 90%, really 93 (after Bash). The only thing in the Bash report was the lung cancer from AO. If Bash is so great and good with the VA he should know lung cancer from AO is presumed and AUTOMATICALLY GRANTED. He compared it to smoking which was not necessary. I state again, and I thought this was what this board was for. IN MY OPINION BASH IS OVER-RATED AND OVERPAID. If you don't like my opinion don't read it. My reply to jstacy was to jstacy, not the other folks. If you like Bash, pay 2, 4, 6 thousand dollars if you like.

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Callover, I am sorry I hit a Nerve. Thanks for telling me where I am sitting. This is a claims and research board for posting information about claims and research. Your post would better suited for the social chat.

Now I do not Know you from Adam nor do you know me. I am sorry you have AO related illnesses. The Lung Cancer is bad enough. I did not see any questions as far as your Claim or researching a claim.

You can research Dr Bash's claims yourself at the VA website.

I apologize it I made you angry. That was not my intention.

For the factual evidence: I have spoken to Dr Bash on several occasions. His service to Veterans is remarkable. Sure not everyone gets what they want but that is just life. I did not need to use Doctor Bash because I did not have too. Fortunatly I am married to a gal that is a X Ray Tech and the Doctors she works with have helped me.

As far as my Qualifications go, I am too a disabled Vet. I am a Quality Engineer. I am a Certified asbestos specialist, Also a former VA employee.

Again I aplogize for hitting a nerve. I just have one request.

Please do not insult me. Please feel free to PM me.

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"My opinon is Bash is over-rated and overpriced. He is out more for the money! If you don't like my opinion don't answer or don't read."

Like I said, you had initially asked for opinions. Now, because of the opinions we gave you that you don't like or agree with, you're gunning for a debate.

Why didn't you put that clearly in your initial post, so we wouldn't have wasted our time thinking you truly wanted real opinions, instead of an argument?

It's not your opinion I have a problem with, it's your tone and the lack of class in your discourse.

Berta, I'm looking for that ignore button, too...

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  • Elder

You can ignore a user by pointing to their name and in their profile select profile options and a drop down will include ignore user. Click on that and you can set it up. On your ignore list all you need is the Screen Name that they post under.

What is really nice if you are in a thread you will see their posts and decide if you want to read or not. I currently have none on ignore but I have used this option when I have been annoyed in the past.

If you still have a problem send me an im and I will try to help.

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No need for an apolgy. You have your ideas and I have mine. Everyone looks at things differently. That's why these forums. And Vicki, I asked for "sucessful cases." How many besides yours are there in all these posts. Before you comment you should read the post.

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