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All Members Please Read - Thanks

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Please - if you feel like you can add something onto a topic

either what has worked for you, a law or reg, a BVA case,

encouragement, etc . . .

Don't be shy, jump in and post.

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I think I repeat myself too much here Broncovet....

But, in over 2 decades, it seems like my husband in his lifetime ,and I as his widow had so many problems with VA, that

those problems covered so many l aspects of the claims system, SMC, PTSD, AO, DIC, etc etc.... that I still bring them up and how they got resolved..

It took persistence ,knowledge of the regs that applied to each claim, and medical evidence, and the last thing anyone should do is Give Up!

I almost forgot.....they even erred on my veteran daughter's very first VA situation, her Chapter 35 award.

They turned right around when they got the NOD I wrote for her. She thinks I raised CUE in it too. I forget....I don't seem to have copy of the NOD.

VA EDU dept is often an oxymoron.

A good post Carlie, I learn here all the time.

BTW, years ago I was with VBN once in a while but they banned me for putting our link to hadit in my profile there.

The the Admin tried to get me to apologize and come back. I think it was against YUKU rules.But I didnt go back as a member.

Then a few months later I read as a guest where someone had directed a widow to hadit.... (they didnt get banned) but the widow replied at VBN... Oh No , I was reading hadit and they ask too many questions there.

I bust out laughing at that.

Yes ...often we ask the posters here many questions.

These are or should be the same questions a vet rep would need answers to,as well as the VA.

I found myself in bad situations over the years by failing to ask a few questions.... like , are you the legal spouse of the veteran? or Can I see a copy of your DD 214?

This was in the days I used to handle claims via email and phone, and even here at my home.....until I realised

how burned out that made me get....... not to mention 'other ' problems all that brought to me.

It is very rare to even need to ask those questions here and it is great when a decision can be scanned and attached by a claimant here, as well, because , as I also repeat myself from time to time, the claims process is a War of the Words.

And we need to see their actual words.

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