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Need Advice



Had A meeting with my vocational Rehab and employment counselor on 8/20/14, and received a letter from department of vet affairs rehab that states

"As your vocational counsel, I have made a determination that it is not feasible for you to benefit from a program designed to return you to gainful employment. However we will be providing you an evaluation for individualized independent living service"

Today I also receive a letter from my same counselor stating,

Because we are denying you vocational and employment services since we determine that you are unable to achieve a vocational goal, we completed a preliminary independent living needs assessment to fine out whether you might qualify for independent living services in stead of RE-TO-WORK services.

We were not able to identify any independent living needs at this time, therefor we will move toward closing your case for now. this letter is your notification that your case will be close in 30 days from this letter (8/20/14)

The two letters were received on same day today 8/22/14 from Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehab and employment.

I have an appeal in since Aug 2013 for IU does this mean Iam "Unemployable" ???? I just cannot think strait.

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If VA Voc Rehab states that ,due solely to your SC disabilities, Voc Rehab is not feasible for you, this means you are eligible to file and get TDIU.

If a vet is un -voc- rehabable* due to their SCs,(not sure if that is a real word*), then they are unemployable solely due to their service connected disabilities.

Voc Rehab sent my husband a letter saying Voc Rehab was no longer feasible because he had suffered a stroke that was NSC at that time. 2 decades ago. That would have been no help at all for his TDIU claim.

2 years ago they awarded 1151 (" as if " SC) for the stroke and awarded 100% .

Odd thing is his posthumous PTSD award was 100% P & T for PTSD with EED one year prior to the stroke. and he was still in college.under VR.

That fact alone would have made him un voc rehabable solely due to SC.

Voc Rehab records are filed separately from med recs and C file records.

I think it would be unusual for Voc Rehab to say further participation in the VR program would not be feasible due to NSCs,in most cases, and I could not find anything on appeal like that at the BVA.

SCs are what makes a vet eligible for VR anyhow.

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thank you both, just needed that extra opinion form you guys. I have had a BVA appeal now for 16 month for IU. Just wanted to be sure my counselor was right when she said get this in to your RO and VARO , and Vet claims examiner. Thank you for all your help will let you know what happens.

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