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Va Oig Report On Strs



VAOIG audit of VA STR requests:

In part:

"We also assessed initial timeliness of receiving electronic STRs from DoD, which is a process that began in January 2014. We determined that DoD is not timely in providing VBA electronic STRs. From January 1 through June 3, 2014, VBA submitted 7,278 STR requests to DoD for veterans who submitted claims and separated from military service on or after January 1, 2014. Of those, DoD only completed 2,111 requests (29 percent) and 5,167 requests (71 percent) were pending. Of the 2,111 completed STR requests, 377 requests (18 percent) were received by VBA within 45 calendar days of the veterans’ separation from military service. This occurred because DoD reported experiencing challenges and delays implementing the process of transmitting electronic STRs to VBA.

Based on a review of 400 statistically selected original disability compensation claims completed during calendar year 2013, we identified delays within VBA’s processes. Delays occurred with VARO staff establishing claims, requesting STRs, and receiving requested STRs. Overall, we attributed a total of about 131 days to these actions. Delays occurred primarily because of VBA’s focus on eliminating the disability claims backlog."


(Sometimes I dont think VA even requests the SMRS.(STRs) or says the SMRs "are silent" on evidence that might be loud and clear.
Sometimes a Personnel file ( 201 file) also can help with a claim but best to get that yourself and submit to VA.I don't think VA ever requests 201 files.

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Good info!

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I've read many of these OIG reports regarding disability claims and what's striking to me is that most officials know and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the claims system and as well as what needs to be done. However, the same issues come up over and over again -year after year but they are still missing the mark in terms of accountability? For instance, there are clear standards for the intake of claims but those responsible still miss the deadlines time and time again? During my military days, usually if you had an important deadline or a standard mission to meet - you had to hit the mark or else someone was removed or relieved? So, it seems like there are some accountability issues going on as well? There has to be some kind of negative corporate cultural that is affecting accountability? What happens if someone or a group continually misses their suspense dates and deadlines, it appears as if nothing happens? Most still get bonuses if they make the deadlines or not? So, If there are no costs as the delays continue what's the point? I don't think the problem is with the rating officials after reading a number if OIG reports? However, in this one report even the military services are at fault by not releasing the service medical records (SMR) to VBA in a timely manner. This is having a dramatic affect on claims processing timelines also. I knew all of this early on before I filed my claim so I got all of my own medical records collected and got 14 DBQ's done so this would not happen to me and filed an FDC to to try and improve my own processing timelines. But here I sit 90 days later and still have not been communicated with yet at all? So despite all of the efforts, proactive measures and educating myself about the expedited FDC process, it's still seems more about "the luck of the draw" and who is actually assigned your claim it appears than much else? That said, it does illustrate the point that everyone along the line, including Vets must do their parts by filing claims correctly as not to delay or hold up others? I think VBA should have a new website that is dedicate and updated each month in which rating officials provide their "lessons learned" to Vets as claims are processed so they can help to eliminate some of the same mistakes they as raters are seeing over and over again as Vets are submitting their claims or processing appeals? I think that would help the "universe" of Vets that are involved with the overall VA claims process now and would help everyone in the end to mitigate or eliminate unnecessary delays that clog up the whole system?

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