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I have been on the server for a couple of months as a luker...Just kinda watching and seeing how things were going.

I have enjoy this site very much and learn a lot, however, every once in a while someone posts a politcal post and I feel that should be posted somewhere else and not on this forum. ( just my opinion ).

I have a good one for you all. In my search for my records, I was told to write to the National Secuity Agency ( NSA ) and in 1984 I did. I received a ton of info on me, every person(s) interview, ALL medical records, etc. Even a medical record from Vietnam showing I was in the hosiptal for " Battle Fatigue" in 1966 or 67 ( can't remember excately when )

When I request my Medical records from any where else, this one record never show up ( Battle Fatigue ), so in 2003, I requested my records again from NSA and this time they told me I don't exist!!!!

I even sent them a copy of one of their files they sent me in 84 ( I have lost that one on Battle Fatigue ) and they blew me off, saying there was no record of me in NSA!!

Now here I was a CWO ( retired) (T.S. clearance) and a retired Federal Worker GS-12 ( Clearance of Secert Final) with appox 33 yrs with the government and I don't exist!!!!

I have requested my records from all branches that I served in Army, AirForce Reserves and Air National Guard and every time I do, the amount of records get smaller and smaller.

Now go figure huh!!!!!!! I have spent almost my whole life working for the government and I don't exist!!!

Dennis Rick :D

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Dennis-Welcome aboard -always glad to see a 'lurker' has joined us.

I am curious-

My daughter is TS, DOD, works for NSA and is also a veteran (Top Secret - Intell -Vietnamese Linquist)

She left the military with all of her SMRs and personnel records. They have good processing out info now and tell newly discharged to take it all with them.

I wonder why you asked NSA for all of your military records and not NARA-National Archives- because if my daughter ever files a claim and had lost her records I would tell her to send the SF 180 to NARA.

The FBI of course has info on you too due to the clearance process (probably some mil stuff) but I was surprised that you have been attempting to get the mil stuff from NSA and not NARA.

TS clearances-boy they are really extensive.I think they even checked out the family cat!

Yeah-wish we had a separate political section- I dont read those posts.

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Dennis, I had a TS Crypto clerance for DOA. ( COMSEC) The Interview process used to be every five years. I am willing to say that the files may be in the hands of the DIS. ( Defense Investigative Service) unless the Interviews were done by the FBI. Berta is correct about the cat.

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Dennis, I had a TS Crypto clerance for DOA. ( COMSEC) The Interview process used to be every five years. I am willing to say that the files may be in the hands of the DIS. ( Defense Investigative Service) unless the Interviews were done by the FBI. Berta is correct about the cat.

Thank you all for replying, I stand corrected on my clearance, it was a T.S. SCI clearance....and they check out everything to include my dogs feas!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha....I had the interviews at one time, the SSN were black out..( thats what I got from the NSA in 84 to include medical records ). and from what I remember the FBI did do the interviews.

You ask the question why did I go to the NSA, Well, this friend of mind, told me it would be a good idea and I try it and it work, way back then.

You ask why I haven't gone to the NRA with a SF 180? I have sent to evey place known to man to get my records, the last time I did they told me the VA had all my medical records and there wasn't any avaiable, so I contacted the VA and they sent me all the records they have, but, it still did not have that record in there, only the NSA had it. I know it sounds strange but its the truth.

While I was station at Fort Hood, Tx with A Company 75th Rangers, 1st Cav ( 71-74) they never posted one record on the Rangers there....Hardly anybody assign to the Rangers at Ft. Hood in that time period has ANY Medical records, it has been a nightmare for us ex-Airborne Rangers to convince the VA if injuries accured while there.

However, I have another question(s); I retire out of the Air National Guard, will draw retirement pay at age 60 ( 58 3/4 now ) and am 40% disablilty and drawing VA money for it. I understand that my retirement check will be reduce by the VA amount that I receive. Now I also understand that when I die the VA money goes away unless its service connected that I die from. So my question is this, Since my retirement check is reduce by the VA money will it be added back to my retirement check so my spouse's SBA can be increase? Can't get a answer from anyone on this question.

Next question: My son has recently return back from Iraq, he was a Scout/Inf/Sniper Army National Guard, He went to the VA and they have him diagnose with moderate PTSD, ( 60% ) I beleive, and thats not counting his other problems. My Son is scare to death if his Unit finds out, they will put him out of the service ( he has about 2 1/2 yrs to go to retirement ). I thought one could wavier the VA disabiltiy until he gets out, but, then I started thinking and I thought I read some where that wavier could only be up to 30%.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

To make a long story short, If I can locate this lost medical report that had me in Nam with battle fatigue in which is PTSD I could kick my disablity rating up to 100% ( I have already spoken with the VA "nut doctors" and after 40 yrs, they say I still have moderate PTSD and prescribe a bunch of pills that I threw in the trash, they made me a zombie and I'm going back to college, need to think. But I have not put in a claim for PTSD yet, reason, I want all the papers I can get, so there is no kick back.

Thank You All

Dennis Rick :D

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One thing I can tell you is to keep accepting all the pills for PTSD and keep complaining about symptoms. Never refuse the pills but you don't have to take them. I think if you have a diagnosis of battle fatigue you sure could get 100% for the residuals. I would file FOI requests to every station I was at where I received medical attention. I would even consider going into a inpatient PTSD program to bolster your claim. Documentation of current symptoms is the biggest deal and not what happened years ago. I think you can get 100% for your PTSD if you document a current disability that is severe and chronic.

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