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  • HadIt.com Elder

I don't know if it was in there, or not but I would like a site that explains what to do when the VA refuses a treatment option for a vet such as refusing to do cataract surgery, or dental implants with just an opinion that "You don't qualify for that treatment". I have believed that if you have a medical problem the VA needs to provide treatment, or refer you to someone who can and not just tell you that "We don't do that here", or " We don't have a neurosurgeon on staff" etc., etc. It always seems the VA is years behind the FDA on any number of treatments. The VA claims to be on the cutting edge of treatment for vets and provides the best treatment in the world. In fact, the VA seems to be the last choice for anyone who has decent insurance or cash. I just had a surgery to do a "hypoglossal nerve pacemaker implant" for sleep apnea. The VA never heard of it, and not many non-professionals outside the sleep apnea world do either, but it is a revoluntionary way to treat OSA. FDA approved, but hard to get even Medicare to pay for it all.

I am tired of VA telling me what they can't do. I don't believe it. I think it is just about the money they don't want to spend.


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  • Content Curator/HadIt.com Elder

Excellent list!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Great info which is appreciated.


Your comments make me wonder how often the health professionals at the VAMCs update their certifications and/or go for refresher training on new techniques, new equipment, new medical procedures, etc.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I know what you mean John,

I need my hand worked on or surgery or injections???....I have that new thing (new to me anyway) called Dupuytren's Contracture''

The VA Calls it a ''Non- Specific Disease''...its come up on my hand about 4/5 years ago or so ..its when your fingers start to turn inward toward the palm and can't straighten your fingers!

I have it in my pinky pretty bad you can see the skin fused together at the bend of the fingers at the palm and see the ''cord'' the legiment , They say its not painful that's BS... mine is sore to the touch very sore have problems getting dressed or washing my face

I can't put my hand in my right pocket my right hand anyway that's the one I have it in.

I told my Dr about it but they don't seem to care just live with it what they told me!

....They have some steroid injections that they can inject into the cord and you come back the next day and they break the cord (which is excruciating painful)

I am undecided what to do? its not to bad to live with if you don't use that hand...but its starting to really bother me.

They don't know what causes it???..other than diabetes/,alcoholism, epilepsy, some medication and liver disease...they say its been traced back to Scandinavian or Northern European Ancestry...or Vikings Disease or the curse of the MacCrimmons

It can take years before it starts to progress until you start to notice it and its in mostly males of age over 40...that's what happen to me.

As for as I know most of my family are from Tn and the southwest & I never drink or abuse alchol or had epilepsy or anything they say caused it.

(I know Im not a ''Viking''. lol..... Only thing I can think of other than I was exposed to Agent Orange back in my Nam days.....not sure if there's a connection thare or not?? but I sure would like to find out..and if a lot of vets that were in Nam back in the 60's and are having this problem..I hope The VA reconizes it....??

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I'm just joining this site, but reading your list is Awesome! Thank you. As for reading the rest of the comments about procedures from 2014 and VA docs claiming not knowing about procedures is just a ruse to not paying for procedures. Considering the amount of tax dollars allocated to VAHC, it is up Director how it is spent; training is a big one and the docs go on alot of updating seminars thats why you can't get appointments, every week 1 day is dedicated to updating meetings for entire staff; now they got 1/2 hour block telephone patient appointment visits. I can tell you from first hand experience that this is just more corruption, engineered to conceal how pad the daily schedule, see less patients, go home early. Deny benefits, claim they don't know about medications, procedures, lie about medications that are not on formulary (because if you have tried the generic versions and had poor results, you quality for exception codes), they lie about the Veteran's Choice program or not even inform the Veteran that they could qualify for it-after 10 Billion dollars has been allocated for it.

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