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Decision Finally

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I file this claim in Feb 2014 for ED, Radiculopathy, l-r legs increase and I just tried

SHA HOUSING GRANT wasn't looking for anything about the grant. But they

granted two of the three the ED was file for the medicine I was taking but the grant was

just related to spine fusion and DDD of spine that's fine it was granted. The housing grant was denied

but if I appeal it I will win I think but the reason for decision says ( Although some evidence supports

your claim, we found other medical evidence more persuasive because it is supported by an accurate

account of the medical history and /or it is most detailed and reliable depiction of your medical

condition.) My question is what or where can I see or read this evidence they are speaking of??

It sound like something straight from the books. Anyway I feel good today any win against these

MF feels dam good just to win. I wont appeal it until they decide my appeals now about 4 years &

counting. Iris response about appeals was they wont decide until this claim is decided now we shall see.

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Good luck to you.

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Congrats, Ready, but ruready for THIS?


why not it could be some spy or my neighbor telling lies they will tell me or my attorney what

is this evidence they speak of at least I hope so. Just not right now not until this appeal is decided

Thanks you all for the grats

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Even a criminal on trial has a right to see and review the evidence and statements that are going to be used against them. It is called "discovery." Apparently a veteran has less rights than a criminal.

I can not understand why the VA is not required to reveal to the claimant any evidence (records, statements, etc.) relied on by the VA to reach their decision. The evidence should be shown in the SOC.

Please tell me this is a mistake because it blows my mind that the VA can get away with this. JMO

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