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Payments For Disability--How Does It Suppose To Work?



Hi Berta-

I wasn't a PEB or medical retire. I did the early retirement. Almost 19 years. Went to my EAS which was 31 Aug.

70,50,30, and (8) 10's were my percentages.. I have to be eval'd again on Sept 1, 2016 they said because Im not permenant.

I have always been told that you get disability dated to the start of your claim. Even though I started my claim when I was still on active duty, on ebeneffits it didn't show that it started until Sept 1st, 2014. It was completed on 9 Oct.

I was told by a few other people that I should have got a retro payment for Sept 1 to Sep 30, and then the regular October payment on time for Nov 1st, which is what I got in my bank yesterday.

My VA letter says my effective date of compensation is 1 Oct, but I don't understand that if my claim was started on 1 Sept.

Any other advice? Do I contact the VA and ask them, or is my 1 month payment that I received already all that I receive?

Admin- Im sorry but I didnt know where to put this.


I got rated and im at 100% and my letter said it has an effectiive date of 1 Oct. I wasn't permenant. I have a reevaluation on Sept 1 2016. All of my conditions added up to 230. My claim was finished before October 10.

I retired on 31 August, 2014. Infantry, usmc. 6 deployments.

I finally got my first payment from the VA for my disability this morning when I checked and it was just the amount for 1 month, October I suppose.

My question is shouldn't I also get compensated for Sept as well because I retired Aug 31? I thought back pay went back to 1st day of retirment.

Im wondering if I should call the VA or have my wife figure this out for me. Im frustrated, on some new meds and this is just weird to me. I dont get it.

Trying to get all of this squared away and behind me so I can focus on treatment and getting meds correct and now this... guess this is normal or am I missing something?

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When did you file the claim?

They usually go back to the date of filing the claim, but I think your check in Oct was for September.

Did you file this claim on August 31,2014?

"All of my conditions added up to 230"

Was anything rated at 100% and then a separate independent rating for something at 60% or more?

When you say retired, do you mean you were a lifer ?

Reason I ask is because of CRDP/CRSC but I dont want to confuse you any more here....

I think they went back to your day of discharge for the comp effective date but if so, and that would make the EED correct...but then again....was this a MEB/PEB situation and you filed while still in the Military?.

"Infantry, usmc. 6 deployments."


double and triple WOW !

Thank you for your service.!

"Im wondering if I should call the VA or have my wife figure this out for me. Im frustrated, on some new meds and this is just weird to me. I dont get it."

Others will chime in here too.

I think the VA might be correct on that check being for October but then again I might sure be wrong too.

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The effective date is the first of the month following the later of the date you applied or the date the doctor says you became disabled (facts found).

Example: If you applied on Sept. 15, 2013, the earliest you could get benefits would be is Nov. 1. Reason. The month of Sept does not count and they are not going to pro rate it, that is, give you a half month..you get paid starting the first of the month following. Then, remember, you get paid benefits in arrears, not in advance..you get benefits for injuries you had, not those you anticipate having next month. So, in this example you would get the benefits from Oct 1 through Oct 30 to be paid in arrears on/about Novemeber 1.

All of this said, there is a special regualation that is an exception: If you apply for benefits within a year of discharge, you can be paid for up to date of discharge. Example 2.

Same as above, but you were discharged on April 15, 2013. Then, your benefits would begin June 1, 2013...its the same thing. Your benefits wont start until May1, but they are paid a month in arrears so your first check is no sooner than June 1. Retro to effective dates applies.

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