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2 months ago I was rated at 50% combat related PTSD..my VSO filed a NOD for increase...I have just fiinished CPT therapy.. made me worse but I got thru it..now my new phyc Dr. wants me to try a Prolonged Exposure therapy...I would rather not participate but thinking it may affect my NOD...will the benefit side hold this against me...it sure is nice to have money to eat, I do not want to jeprodize my rating..what do you think...
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Just my opinion: I do not believe that any kind of therapy, VA or otherwise , preferably VA though will hurt any claim you have at any time. Others will offer thoughts on this that may be better than mine, but that is my opinion.

Also, I hope you do everything you can to make your life better and to deal with your issues so that your life can be as good as you want. I'm not making a big revelation here in the sense that, "there will be nothing easy about therapy and you most certainly will be uncomfortable and in my case AFRAID. For me, therapy has not changed the severity of what I go through. I still have nightmares, panic attacks, my mood changes on a dime, I don't sleep and on and on and on!! However for me what the therapy has done, its helped in how I approach this fear and helped in the sense that I at least some of the time don't let the fear control what I do and don't do.

In the last few months I did and finished the "Prolonged Exposure Therapy" As long as you have a therapist you feel you can trust and create a bond with, then this treatment, though not for everyone can be good. In my case, I had a great therapist and we had some good therapy, but all the issues I had before are still there and they always will be, just as intense, but with the therapies, some more tools to combat them with. I am tired of living in the dark, and these therapies have shed some light for me.

JMO: Besides helping yourself of course, for me, all the various therapies I have had, has only helped my claims, but more important, for the most part the therapies have helped "ME".

Like I said, others with more knowledge than me will comment, but if you have any questions about the " Prolonged exposure therapy", or anything else please feel free to contact me. This is a great site, with great veterans always willing to help!!

All the best to you and your family!!

Thank You for your service!!


P.S. Just a follow up....I don't think just because you don't want to do a certain therapy will change the decision of a claim. The claim will get rated on the evidence and the merits of the claim.

As far as the therapy goes, you may not be ready for this therapy at this time, that doesn't mean that in 6 months you might not be more willing to do the therapy. Work with your Dr's and create a plan of action that you might be more comfortable with. Just remember my friend, as a combat vet myself, therapies in general are NOT COMFORTABLE, but some of them can really help if given the chance. Good luck!!


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great food for thought... my Phyc Dr. asked me a question that really rung my bell, after getting to know some of my daily issues he asked how that was working for me.. pat answer "not very well"..however in thinking it over I have to say that it is working better than the options...avoiding, running, hiding... my fear based existence has kept me out of confrontations that were ruining my daily life...at this point I am affecting no one but myself, and that is huge after years of making life hard for those around me. My xwife, daughter, and grandson know that I love them but that I am toxic...what the hell, we all have to be responsible for our nonsense and the thought of more therapy that defines my nonsense seems counter productive, I thank you for your thought full response to my questions....

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