C&p Exam Ptsd - Mst And Bipolar, Mdd - Secondary

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Andyman73, just  wishing you luck on your claim. Some of your life experiences sound like things I have endured as well. I finally got my disability for PTSD based on MST and MDD. I waited for over thirty years to even get up the nerve to apply for benefits, I was thinking that the VA would treat me like the Army did, "I didn't matter, so they didn't mind" (to quote you). Hope you are well.

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I didn't even know any of this stuff happened. And was at the point of dropping out of therapy at the VAMC, because it wasn't helping me at all. Then the memories started to show up....40 years worth so far...

Hey, once you filed for PTSD due to MST, how long did the whole thing take ?

Thanks for checking on me, I appreciate it very much. Seem to be fadin away on it's real nice that someone can still see me.

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