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C&p Exam Ptsd - Mst And Bipolar, Mdd - Secondary



I have been reading on this forum and am really nervous about the C&P exam that I have coming up this Thursday. It seems there are so many horror stories. I was triggered with PTSD summer of 2013 and had to call VA crisis line Nov 2013 when I was thinking of killing myself because I was becoming so unraveled and didn't understand why...hadn't been in the service since 1996 and didn't even know that MST existed...it wasn't until i talked to the crisis DR follow up the next day that he said it sounded like I had PTSD. I thought PtSD was just for people who saw war. I was out of on short term disability at work in Nov 2013, Dec 2013, March 2014, and haven't been able to work since June 2014.

Since June 2014 I have been hospitalized 3 times for PTSD and Bipolar. The first hospitalization was at a VA facility and I was there only for the PTSD-MST. It wasn't until then that I found out that I could even get compensation for what happened to me in the military where I was gang raped. It took me until the end of Aug before I could even write a statement to file my claim.

I have been suicidal since then a handful of times, disassociate, blah, blah, blah. I use to work full time, working on a Grad degree, second bachelors, and have two kids. I couldn't even keep my kids at home over christmas break and had to pay for daycare because I can't handle having them at home even though I dont' work.

I even applied for the VA CWT program where they help you find a job and have a disability. They dropped me from the program saying I was "occupational maladjustment disorder". I'm concerned about the whole proof thing like many others who have posted here. I'm also afraid that they will think I am exagerating my symptoms, although my VA counselor has stated that I can't do CBT for the MST until I have sufficient coping skills which right now I do not.

OK...proof...when the rape happened I was on shore duty and the perps where stationed on a submarine. When word got out they started an investigation on the submarine but nothing ever came from it. Shortly after I was asked to move off base and couple months later had to get tested for STD and turned out they left me with a parting gift. Is this enough? What I went through was so traumatic I don't know if I can take someone telling me it didn't happen.

Second question. My VSO said that my statement should be enough since they should be able to pull records to cooberate my story. They have my VA hospitalization and treatment records since Nov 2013. Should I upload my hospital documents from the other two hospitalizations? My VSO thinks it will delay my claim and understands what a financial strain I am under now with not being able to work. What do you think? What can I expect? We are falling so far behind bills, I'm pulling my hair because I have gone from a someone to a nobody in a matter of a year. Anyhow any advice would help....thanks

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  • HadIt.com Elder

First off, the rape was not your fault!!! You are a survivor, so don't do something really dumb, like ending it all. I hope you're receiving counseling for it!!! I believe the Vets Center(s) offers counseling for MST survivors, also, in addition to the VA. You may prefer a Vet Center, as they are somewhat removed from the VA and have women counselors.

As to any evidence you have, I would bring it to the exam, in addition to sending copies to the VARO Veterans Service Center (ie: claims office), in case it gets "lost." Additional evidence can be shown in the form of evaluation reports (immediately or soon after the MST). Very often the victims job performance deteriorates after the incident.

Be sure your C&P examiner is a woman, if you prefer, and if not ask them to reschedule, the exam, w/a woman.

I would also file a claim for SSDI and w/the VA for your bipolar condition, tomorrow, if not sooner.

The best person to handle your VA claim is "you." Don't count on your VSO, as already it sounds like s/he is giving you bad advice, by telling you not to submit probative evidence (hospital records), that may help your claim!!!



Forgot to mention, you may want to write down what happened to you, as it may be easier if you had something to read from, or if you breakdown while reading or telling what happened, you could hand it to the examiner, for them to read.

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The documentation of the STD should be enough of a "marker" for service connection, but if you have any documentation that they at least started an investigation that will help as well. I disagree with your VSO I would turn in anything you think is pertinent to your claim, so it's delayed a month but getting the claim right the first time matters.

Have you watched the videos by Susan Avila-Smith about MAT on YouTube? Also the Protect Our Defenders website and the Service Women's Action Network websites are good. You are courageous to seek justice for you, your family, and other survivors of MST.

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Phillip, that's a good idea about bringing in my statement to read from if I have to. Didn't think about that...I think because of all the documentation in my VA med file, my vso is confident that there shouldn't be a problem and no reason to cloud the situation since the other two hospitalizations were primarily Bipolar, but my bipolar is worse because of the ptsd and the stress sets off episodes. So i don't know...we filed for TDIU also since I havent' been able to work since June and only been able to work 4 out of the last 14 months.

As for the StD and the marker...will they pull this from my VA medical file when I was in the military? I don't have a copy of it, but remember seeing it in my medical file several times as it was very embarassing to me. HOw do I get a copy of my medical file from when I was in the military (1992-1996)? Or since I was service connected at 10% was being processed when I got out mean that they have those records already?

Thanks again for the support

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I would get a copy of your medical records and find the diagnosis. This will be triggering but worth it in the end. When you can highlight and point out the marker yourself it really strengthens your case, especially an MST case.

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I would like to piggy back off this post if that is ok. First bassrunnin I am sorry that you had to endure that tramatic event during your service to our country. I am happy to know that now they are beginning to understand that war is not the only tramatic event that one can suffer. Especially for our female veterans.

I am currently trying to assist a female veteran with filing a claim related to an MST as well.

Should I post my questions on here or start a new link?

Thanks for your help.

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I am currently trying to assist a female veteran with filing a claim related to an MST as well.

Should I post my questions on here or start a new link?

Thanks for your help.

Its best to start your own topic thread.

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