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Suggestion O The Day

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After reading many complaints about construction cost overun and overbudget maladies I would like to suggest an Idea that would help solve several issues and make things better. My 1st SGT used to always say," it does no good to gripe unless you have a suggestion to do things a better way."

Ok , most VA employees are scheduled to arrive around the same time, early in the morning of course with some exceptions. Once they park they are there all day. It would make alot more sense if the VA worked with the local communities and lease unused parking areas from them, and establish a park and ride, with hourly shuttle service.

This would help eliminate overages that are happening by building all of the new parking areas, because the VA would KNOW how much it would cost , because they can control costs by negotiating leases from business and private owners who are not using the property, IE a abaondoned strip mall, city owned property that was aquisitioned due to abandonment ect. Im sure there are many business owners that would love to lease out unused property , especially in the current economy. A basic shelter area could be set up at each park and ride, a portable building or adequate waiting area can be constructed . or leased

Doing this would also boost the local economy and create ALOT more parking spaces for veterans.

Key personnel of course would still have thier reserved parking, but most others could shuttle.

Instead of paying a contractor 10 million dollars to build a 5,000 square foot parking lot, why not lease one for 3 or 4 thousand a year? 2 nice buses at 40 grand each, and a few drivers at 50 k a year.

The money the VA saves by not having to pay the Valet parking attendants (there wont be need for them), could be appropriated for the shuttle service costs.

I bet the VA could save millions in short order by governing costs in this manner.

The problem with large construction projects is that once they make a huge mess, they have you by the Balls, because either you pay the overun costs or they hold the job hostage until you do pay.

MANY large businesses are doing this. There is a defunct collection agency near me, that at one time was a large food center and several other things. It has a large parking lot.

Time warner cable, fenced it of with chain link, and park about 150 trucks there daily. They are probably leasing the parking lot dirt cheap , saving them ALOT of moo la.

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No matter how much money the VA gets every year, THEY NEVER SEEM TO HAVE ENOUGH.

Construction projects are very easy to inflate. Theres always something that can be introduced from

we hit a large boulder and that will cost an extra 5 grand, to the cost of cement just went up, to we need an archeological survey because we found a strange looking bone. and on and on.

Contracts that must be done between the VA and private contractors need to have unalienable terms. If the contractor underestimates., well then he just loses money, thats the way it works. Most large and even some nominal sized companies have estimators who specialize in bidding jobs. They try to consider everything and predict a reasonable cost. Open ended contracting NEEDS TO STOP. iT IS TOO TEMPTING FOR FRAUD, WASTE, AND ABUSE.

Get a list of qualified contractors, let them turn in bids, and whoever wins gets the job. If they underestimate the job, and ask for more loot, escort them off the jobsite, and hire another company

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I know there spending a lot of loot here on construction they have been for the last 5 years or so, building new parking garages with shuttle service to the front door, and building remodeling the newer part of the building its a mess up front where clinic 1 2 & 3 &4 are located.

N Kelly I think your right about the mob seems like I seen a few walking around the place eh!

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All the construction unless it is going to house totally disabled vets who are very sick or injured is a waste. There will never be enough construction to have the facilities to treat 25 million vets. It is dumb to try when their is an existing health care system side by side to the VA. Make every hospital a VA hospital as far as vets are concerned. Make all M.D.'s VA doctors with regard to treating vets. There would be no shortages or waits. It took me 5 days to get an appointment with a cardiologist in private practice. It will probably take me five months at the VA. This is dumb except they know those vets with insurance will just go get the best care outside the VA.


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