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Pes Planus

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Recently discovered I was reported to suffer from flat feet on my entrance exam into the military.

Mild and asymptomatic.

Had numerous lower leg problems during service (shin, knee, hip, calf, etc).

I'm service connected for my knee.

I want to file for flat feet; however would my service connected knee help the claim?

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I would think so bud, as I too am SC for R Knee for surgeries, and I too found out last summer about flat feet and VA issued my Insoles. Good luck and keep me posted

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I am 30% for pes planus. Even though it was noted on your entrance if it is worse due to service they have to give it to you. Good Luck

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Hello all,

I am service connected 20% for a digenerative right knee. So I put in a claim for:

*Seconday to right knee the left knee is now a problem: Denied said it was not SC I had an MRI a few months back showing cartilage is thinning arthritis and a torn meniscus

*Before entrance to boot camp the medical record states that my feet were abnormal applied for Pes Planus. In 2004 at the VA I was diagnose with Pes Planus: Denied not service connected.

*Boxers fracture constant pain and it's exacerbated when using a cane: %0

*Stomach issues vomiting and very bad chest, shoulder and back pain my entire enlistment. I sent off the medical records proving this was SC. Records show I hospitalized and still is until this day nothings changed major chest pain shoulder and back pain. in 2004 I was diagnosed with GERD at the VA: Applied in 2013 Denied not SC. Last month private doctor did an upper GI on me and I was diagnosed with a Hiatal Hernia.

* Depression and Anxiety: Denied not SC. Last week I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety and was told by the physiatrist to get a sleep study done and to see another physiatrist about PTSD

*Both shoulder are very bad I had surgery on the left one twice and need it on the right shoulder too. I did not think this could be from the military I was on the base boxing team: Denied Not service connected

Some of these things are years later, so am I SOL with trying to go on with these claims, even with in service documentation I'm still being denied with not SC or keep trying and to link other issues, or should I keep going to private doctors and submit all of my evidence at once? Thanks!

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Fat,you should claim the pes planus.

Sometimes it can be corrected with orthotics but they often have to be adjusted every year.

Pes Planus, if it becomes severe, can cause ankle,shin , knee, hip, and back pain.

The VA does not know how to connect those dots.well.

You might need an independent medical opinion to service connect the pes planus.

I say claim it BUT the flat foot condition might have been considered by VA when they SCed the knee.You need to go over the past C & P for the knee problems.

Or you could claim the pes planus as secondary to the knee if you have some documentation of it's post service affects.

I have severe pes planus and can hardly walk without orthonics.

I am a civilian . They cost me $600 a year and neither Medicare nor CHAMPVA pays for prescribed orthotics.

That makes me think maybe VA uses the cheap ones, which help many but are not good enough for severe pronation conditions.

The VA Schedule of ratings here will show how they rate pes planus.

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If you can get a current diagnosis of pes planus/flatfeet, that will start the process. Flatfeet causes other issues such as ankle, knee,hip,back condition. Your gait will definitely be off due to your feet having to over compensate to balance your body. I am service connected for flatfeet 50% and knees 10% also back 40%. Trust me when I tell you its not fun dealing with these conditions. Sometimes you feel that it has improved a little then you end up over doing your self only to make it worse. I got connected for feet first and got worse over time then connected for both knees and back when went for increase on flat feet. It is best to get a outside orthopedic doctor to connect the dots. Make sure they are giving their rationale or medical opinion when they do give opinion. Lastly inserts don't help I don't care who tells you this. I went through so many pairs of shoes trying to help with my feet pain. Knee braces from VA, back brace from VA for car and work. People looking at you like you are special or something so it does mess with you mentally. Hang in there don't give up keep the fight!!!!!!!

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