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Student Loan Fogiveness

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I just read at disability discharge.com that federal student aid will discharge your student loans if you are considered unemployable by VA. It says nothing about having to be rated

P and T, is the correct?????

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I'd place more reliance on


Than a non .gov site

There is a bit of contention concerning the tax status of loan forgiveness.

The IRS is even ambiguous. If the forgiveness falls under title 38, in theory, it's likely not taxable.

But, the IRS does not refer to this in it's references.

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Wow. Checked out the link it says the same thing. I am flabbergasted. Thank-you America, I will apply for loan forgiveness tomorrow (And make sure this isn't too good to be true.)

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About 22 years ago my husband asked his VA doc to sign a student loan waiver.He was already received SSDI for a NSC stroke.

Upon SSDI reconsideration they changed the award to solely for PTSD..., with an earlier SSDI effective date .VA posthumously awarded the SC for PTSD

But prior to that change the VA doc signed the waiver,stating he was P & T due to the stroke..

That waiver was strong evidence, along with other documents, twenty years later, in 2012 for VA to award 100% P & T for the 1151 stroke. They had stated it was 1151 in a 1998 DIC award letter but had never paid any money for it.

EVERY single document you get ,involving your claim or what could possibly have impact on a future claim, you need to save.

I have 2 file cabinets and about 5 large plastic totes filled basically with files about VAOLA.

All of my legal evidence (to include a copy of the HHS waiver) for my current CUE issue is over 20 years old and has been in VA's possession all that time but I am sure glad I saved it myself, copied it all and sent it all to them.

VA did grant 100% P & T under 1151 in the 2012 award but only paid 6 months retro.

CVAs (stroke) is rated at 100% for 6 months ,then they rate the residuals. My husband's residuals and the fact that he did not receive adequate VA care to prevent and to treat the stroke (thus the 2012 1151 award for it) were still 100% catastrophically disabling residuals up to his death, by established medical as well as legal evidence.Luckily I even saved his last Voc Rehab letter stating that due to this stroke, Voc Rehab was no longer feasible.

I hate saving all this stuff but i needed all sorts of older evidence, as well as older VA decisions, for just about every claim I had.

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Just applied online for loan forgiveness, my payments are suspended for 120 days during which time I have to complete and mail in my application and VS decision

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I can see you smiling all the way over here in Georgia.


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