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Sc'd 10% Mdd Diagnosis Changed To Bipolar 2 Now What?

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I know there was a topic about this issue in 2008. However, there really was no final synopsis as to how this affected the individuals rating. It took me seven months to finally put in for an increase (what a dumb ass) better late then never though, I guess. However, now the Physcologist thinks it's Bipolar II rather than MDD and he has changed it in the Medical Records. MY rating from the VA is 10% MDD. Which I can tell you is without a doubt going to be raised considering my life has litterly crashed and burned. I've been in and out of the ER on the Crisis LIne and essentially feel at times I'm loosing my mind. The one thing I have retained through this who oredeal is my ability to still write. I have no idea why but I find myself behind this keyboard Alot. Typing journal logs about my days for some reason it helps to ease the anxiety and help me focus on what it is that i need to be focused on.
When it comes to C&P, how is this new diagnosis going to affect me? I went from having MDD as the diagnosis and symptoms for 6months straight to all the sudden having a diagnosis of Bipolar II. I appreciate all the advice ahead of time. Some of you on here are a wealth of information and I feel honored to obtain it from you.

Thanks Again

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I don't know much about sc for bipolar but it sounds like you're going through a rough time and I wish you the best.

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This are two different MH issues.

I hope this does not affect the SC you have now.

Would VA look for a non service cause of the BiPolar II? I sure hope not.

I have VAOLA paranoia...one never knows what VA will do.

"A person affected by bipolar II disorder has had at least one hypomanic episode in his or her life. Most people with bipolar II disorder suffer more often from episodes of depression. This is where the term "manic depression" comes from."


So this could be a secondary manifestation of your MDD. And would probably help you get a higher rating.

I feel better about the diagnosis change you had after finding this case.

In this BVA remand it states:
"Review of the claims files shows that the Veteran was afforded a
VA examination for mental disorders in March 2008 in which the
examiner diagnosed, in pertinent part, bipolar II, most recent
hypomanic, moderate with religious/somatic preoccupations; rule
out (R/O) schizoaffective disorder, bipolar-type. The examiner
opined that the Veteran did not meet the criteria for a diagnosis
of major depressive disorder (MDD), but did meet the criteria for
either a bipolar disorder II, most recent hypomanic with
loosening of thoughts, vs. schizoaffective disorder, bipolar-
type. He also opined that because there was little in the
research concerning bipolar or schizoaffective disorder being
"caused" by a certain event in one's adult life, other than
genetics or childhood abuses, he could not resolve the question
of the MVA in service "causing/aggravating" or otherwise
complicating the Veteran's life in any way. Under the
circumstances, remand for an addendum opinion is appropriate. "


It means the veteran did not meet the MDD criteria, but possibly did meet the bipolar II criteria and that change would not affect him, if he can succeed in SC comp.

I think maybe Bipolar II (The "II is critical here) is often diagnosed first as MDD but re characterized as Bi polar II.

As long as the nexus is not in question, I think this will work put OK for you.

I will try to find the 2008 discussions here.

Those journals.....sometimes vets have used journals as evidence. That is a good idea and journals often are a big help in understanding our conditions.

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Mentalhealth and Berta,

I am rated 70% for bipolar II. It was service connected because the Military exacerbated my illness. Though it is biological

In nature, you can still get service connected for it. In fact, I wrote a letter stating that this is a lifelong condition requiring medication for life, that is how I was awarded P&T. I was TDIU (temp).


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Just got out of the ward. This disease is a SOB. My Job causes me so much stress that it makes it 10X worse then it needs to be. I'm only 10% for MDD and let me tell you I think i'm getting F'ed. I was told this is a lifelong illness from the VA Doc and that I need to ensure that I take my medicine on time everyday. I have file for an increase so we'll see what happens. I guess you can't see the notes from the the Doc's when your inpatient on blue button either? I appreciate you guy's help thus far.

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VA will attempt the bi-polar as an heredity condition first. You need to have medical documentation from a MH counselor that states otherwise. Like what was said above, your illness needed to be exuberated by the conditions you faced while on active duty... Good Luck!

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  • HadIt.com Elder

When I first got out of the Army the VA diagnosed me with schizophrenia. They had never heard of PTSD in 1971. Then later they changed my DX to bipolar. It means nothing as long as you are SC for a genuine mental disorder, and not a personality disorder. My DX has been changed as often as my shoes I think. I was MDD for a while, and then back to schizophrenia plus PTSD, panic disorder, social phobia, depression, anxiety and chronic pain disorder. Now after starting off with a 10% rating I am P&T plus "S" because as you get older all the mental and physical stuff melds together and you are just FUBAR. Bipolar disorder can be aggravated because I won a worker's compensation case based on that fact. My job at the post office aggravated my "bipolar disorder" and I proved it with the medical evidence from two shrinks. What they did with me was to change my hours from days to the worst night shift after I got fired as a shop steward. It screwed up my sleep real bad, and put a strain on my marriage since my wife worked days with weekends off and I was made to work 6PM to 2am with Monday and Tuesday off. I never saw her, and we were newly weds. Plus my chronic pain got worse, my mother was dying and I was getting sued. So, yes, bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, and all these things may have genetic component, but it usually takes some event to put you over the cliff and the military is great at that part. So is working for those Mf'ers at the post office.


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