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Possible Claims



Hello all. I am at that 90% level and I am trying to hit 95. I have been told that I have pretty much maxed out my claims so I am trying to come up with problems I have that I have not been seen for that are caused by my sc problems and I thought I would pick your brains a bit about it. Here is what I have and what claims I have deferred.

This is what I have.

Depression 50%

Lumbar strain 40%

Tinnitus 10%

Right ankle sprain 20%

Left ankle sprain 10%

Left knee instability 10%

Left knee chrondromalacia 10%

Right knee chrondromalacia 10%

Left knee limitation of extention 10%

Right knee limitation of extention 10%

These are deferred.


Planter fasciitis/heal spurs both feet.

Hearing. (exam showed that I am at low end of normal except for a spike down at the upper end that the examiner told me was normal for loud noise injury)

Denied claims

Chronic hip pain both hips. No diagnoses of hip disorder even though it's in me records as being diagnosed with it.

Sciatica. No diagnosis. even though I am beeping treated for it and "lumbar strain does not cause sciatica" but I have ddd of the l5 s1 that does cause it.

I filed an increase for

Left and right knee chrondromalacia

Left and right knee limitation of extension.

I also filed for gerd as a new claim sense I have been treated for it for years.

Meds I take are





I stopped my psych meds they just made me feel dead and now after I started them I have no interest in sex. Even after stopping them I am still not interested.

My DAV rep suggested I claim headaches. I have not been treated for them but I get them every other day and 2 or 3 times a month I need to isolate myself in a dark quit room because of them. I am trying to be seen for them. I don't even know what has caused them.I have had them for around 2 years now. My rep thinks it's caused from all the pain I am in and the meds I take.I always just thought that it's just a headache it will go away. My rep saw me with one and pointed it out.

At night my legs from the hips down feel like they are vibrating and ache every night.

My middle back seems to hurt a lot now. Abouve my lumbar just bellow my shoulders at the spine.

I don't sleep more than an average of about 4.5 hours a night but that may have been taken for the depression.

Because of the gerd I always have loose stools and after the psych meds I now end up having to go 2 or 3 times a day. Some times it's the complete opposite and I don't go for about 3 or 4 days.

After I originally injured my knees I have become obese. I believe that it's because I am unable to exercise any more. I also have chronic hbp now that I attribute to my chronic pain.

Well that's the list that I can think of. I know that there are probably many more but I always ignore things until people point it out.

Please understand that if I don't have something I will not apply for it. I would have never submitted my back if it wasn't for someone telling me that it is caused by my knees. I am more concerned that the VA would catch something that I don't have so I make sure I do have it so I am covered.

So any ideas?


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I forgot miles sleep apnea that I had surgery for to clear it and snoring up. They removed tonsils and uvila (punching bag) and reshaped the roof of my mouth to help with it all. Now I can't eat without food going up my nose. Not fun.

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Couple of thoughts, Diver.

You've already got increases in for your knees. My right knee started off with chrondromalacia and progressed to out-and-out osteoarthritis after 22 years of active duty service beating it up. It's rated at 30%. I documented semi-annual lubricant injections, six months of PT, and imaging studies showing the arthritis and that it's never completely pain free.

Your headaches sound like migraines. Migraines can gain you another 10-30% pretty easily. Getting to 50% requires that you show "severe economic impact." You ought to follow up with a neurologist.

Your knees are SC already, so that's just the progression of the condition. Your headaches/migraines are going to require you to get a firm nexus statement from a specialist.

There could be other things in your list, but these two I'm familiar with. Hope it helps.

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I am just wondering, what SC caused Left and right knee chrondromalacia.

I injured my knee, twisted really bad while on duty, but nothing was done but an ACE bandage. I have since had two surgeries on that knee for meniscus repair and removal.

I plan on filing a claim on the knee soon.

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I had twisted my left really bad and I hyper extended them both during my service in the 90s and after 10 the drs stated that the xrays and MRIs show it.

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As long as your SMRs or other service records (Mishap Reports, etc) show your knee injuries, you should be OK from a nexus standpoint. Sounds like chrondromalacia may not have been the best diagnosis from what you described. Knees and other joint conditions boil down to range of motion without pain.

Have you considered TDIU? JMHO, but I think you're on the right track try to round up to 100% schedular.

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I am going to put in for ssdi and tdui at the end of this month. I am leaving work because I can't do it any more and starting vocational rehabilitation. The chrondromalacia/runners knee is very painful and is under the knee cap where the cartilage is damaged and causes lots of pain in the knee. Hard to move and stiff. Gust from what I have experienced

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These are deferred.

But you have Depression 50%.

Va only pays for one MH disability.

I am glad you are applying for TDIU and SSDI.

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Hi Berta. Yes they deferred the ptsd. I filed for both. They made the depression temporary and my rep suggested that I keep working on the ptsd in hopes that it will be rated at 70% instead of the depressions 50%. I need to now figure out how to connect my ddd and sciatica to my lumbar strain. Then also figure out how to connect my headaches to my back or pain.

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That is correct I missed that. I am going for SSDI and TDIU however I don’t know anything about them or even if I will be able to get them. I know in theory I can get them with my 90% but I don’t know. I hope that I will not be in for a long drawn out fight for the SSDI I know I will be with the VA. As for the disability I will keep fighting until I get 100% that way I am covered no matter what they do to TDUI. I have my hips that I will keep fighting them on it and I will be having an MRI soon on my left hip. I also have my heel spurs. I would doubt that I will get them until I get a DR that will explain how my service connected problems have caused them. They cant say I don’t have them or say that I don’t have a diagnoses of them because I will slap the xray on them that shows the rose thorns in my feet. I also have the sciatica that they have denied because I don’t have a diagnoses and that lumbar strain does not cause sciatica. I however have DDD in my lumbar so I have to figure out how to connect the dots. I am at 40% for lumbar strain so that can cause other back problems. I have seen here that there is a doctor that is willing to review your records and if he/she finds it reasonable he/she will wright an IMO for you and you just obviously pay for the consult. Can anyone tell me any information about them? I am located in Seattle if that matters.

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Ok new question. After talking to the rater I was told that hip pain is not something that can be rated. She said that I need a diagnoses and she said that they will then be able to rate my hips and that thats all they need for it. So my question is can my service connected knees and back cause hip strain? ( know that logic says yes but we are working with the VA). I am heading to the Drs for my head aches and if my knees can cause the strain I will request that they change my diagnosis to hip strain from hip pain.

Thank you


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It is my understanding that pain is not a ratable condition. The VA rates the condition causing the pain.


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