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Nco Hangs Himself After Being Turned Away Temple Tx Vamc

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Again if the VA had been more watchful or taking care of us veterans maybe this kind of stuff would not happen or happen?

Eddie Ray Routh was seeking help from the VA He had Severe PTSD and was release from the VA. they should never let him go that day! (I blame the VA Health Care System)

Chris Kyle Murder Trial Verdict: Eddie Ray Routh Sentence

The verdict has been announced in the Chris Kyle murder trial and his killer Eddie Ray Routh has been found guilty.

Chris was the subject of the film American Sniper and he was tragically gunned down in February 2013 by Routh, a veteran who he was trying to help. The verdict was decided by a jury in less than two and a half hours.

Mr. Routh will be spending the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. He also took to life of Chris‘ friend Chad Littlefield.

Chris‘ wife Taya Kyle stepped out at the Oscars over the weekend to support the movie, which was nominated for Best Picture and five other awards.

Remember Chris Kyle

chris kyle murder trailer verdict 01 chris kyle murder trailer verdict 02 chris kyle murder trailer verdict 03 chris kyle murder trailer verdict 04 chris kyle murder trailer verdict 05

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This is the typical treatment of the VA!!!!!

I know!

I am much better now but not due to the VA.

Two years ago I was in individual counseling and had mentioned hating myself and blame. I also talked of suicidal thoughts and plans I had made.

It seemed all was hopeless because I felt helpless without hope of relief and support from the VA doctors. The VA let me come and go knowing my condition.

I ended up trying to take every medicine I had and drug overdose. That didn't work. I woke up in the Waco VA and was treated for suicidal thoughts and my attempt. Seemed they were in a hurry to take care of me and send me on my way.

After released I was seen twice by a Temple VA physiologist before I tried a second attempt. I sliced my wrist hoping to bleed out. Again it didn't work.

After treatment by the VA I was released again. At first I had weekly meetings again with my doctor. Then he left the VA and I was lost. I have been reassigned doctors several times and appointment after appointment has been canceled and rescheduled. As of now my psychiatrist has put in twice for me to be seen for individual counseling.

Finally I was given an appointment for April 3rd. But was notified Monday it was also canceled and rescheduled to July27th.

So I can see how the VA has failed him and many veterans like him.

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This breaks my heart and I've known of other soldiers that committed suicide while I was in the military. I can't imagine what it takes to come to that point but I've seen it happen before? I knew of one soldier that committed suicide and everyone thought that although he was getting treatment, that he was fine - but it still happened? Someone needs to go back and investigate exactly what happend here. I would be careful about pointing a finger at anyone or group at this point until someone really digs into what happened and why it happened? I've seen circumstances where everything was done by the book and the soldier or vet still committed suicide? One thing is for sure and that is more resources should be placed towards mental illness in the military -post deployments. I've tried to explain to my civilian friends what the mental pressure is like and sometimes what that fear is like during a major deployment- but most will never understand -unless they, themselves have been exposed to it? I saw one of my absolute best senior soldiers, fold under the pressure due to a lack of sleep during a deployment. But, most of all I realised that everyone is different in terms of what they can take mentall6y and for how long they can take the constant pressure. But when soldiers are put in that siutation consistently, the government should recognise the costs of war-conflict and do what they can to support out troops as they come home-and be with their families. Many of the families suffer because they don't understand why their loved one has changed so much -but in the end-most just want their husband, spouse or father-mother back to them as they were -- but the changes are usually there -forever...

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  • Moderator

When a Veteran shows up at MH at the VA with a DX of PTSD Usually that means he needs help and MH people should realize that and know the consequences...to me they should admit the veteran and keep an eye on his behavior...even tho at times its hard to know what to do/or what the veteran may do but knowing as to what can happen the veteran should be kept for observation, so VA-MH people should be responsible in my opinion,


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Speaking for myself only. I wanted help but didn't know what kind. Sounds stupid but it's twice as confusing. I didn't want to be locked up! Feeling as if I was trapped, so I told the VA doctors what they wanted to here to keep from being locked up. But on the other hand I tried to explain my emotions and how I was feeling.

Reading through the stacks of notes the doctors written in our conversations it shows that they one (1) really wanted to help. But it takes the psychologist and the senior PCT councilor to make the final determination that you are a risk to yourself or others and neither wants to be put in a situation of having a veteran admitted against his will. Even if they should.

The doctor usually ask a couple times before your session is complete if you feel like hurting yourself or other. I would say almost every veteran will respond with a no answer. Even if it's a lie.

I don't know who to blame in my situation but I'm sure it is half a dozen one way and 6 the other way.

Luckily I was admitted to another hospital and a MH professional took interest and helped until she also moved on. So now I am in limbo and the mercy of waiting for the VA.


There is no need to explain to your civilian buddies the why! They will never understand. It is not one factor that leads a person to the point of taking ones own life. It is a combination that builds up and cannot be expressed. Guilt, Remorse, Fear, Anger, Memories that are imbedded in the heart and mind of time spent with a person lost, Hatred of yourself for the responsibility that was imposed on you and your failure not to have kept everyone safe.

There are so many things that goes through ones head and you can only deal with so much of the roller coaster. No amount of medications or counseling can relieve it.

Sorry, but IMO that is the facts. At least mine. I will not speak for the veteran that hung himself but I'm sure the VA doctor asked him the same questions they asked me. It is there protocol to do so.

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This is heart breaking.22 vets aday are taking there life due to PTSD.The VA needs to do more.Every veteran being discharged from service should have a mandatory PTSD screening.

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  • Moderator

There has been some rather recent legislation that would prevent Veteran suicides. Here is the Clay Hunt Veteran Suicide Prevention Act:


I would be interested to see if Vets think this may help.

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This would be hard to implement. The VA MH and PTSD psychologist and psychiatrist are so overwhelmed by the influx of veterans they often get over booked and end up canceling too many appointments with the veterans. By the time between the initial visit with the veteran and the next follow up is too long. The doctor usually has to read notes that was inputted hastily and often incorrect. By that time it would be hard for the doctor to identify the veterans that really needs help with suicide prevention and refer him/her to an outside independent psychiatrist/psychologist for proper evaluation.

Sounds good on paper but would be hard to implement.

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Yea...implementing this would mean hiring more doctors, and the VA is opposed to that! I happen to have a good friend who is a well qualified psych doc, who applied for a job at the VA about 3 years ago. He is still waiting, and waiting...

There is a simple solution: Cut the number of VA execs and bonuses, make them work harder or get a new job, and hire more doctors. We need fewer VA execs whose main job is to lie to Veterans and make up more spin to make it look like they are doing a good job when they are not. Just look at all the resources (man hours) lost to the scheme of secret waiting lists for VAMC's, all of which had a goal of more VA exec bonuses predicated upon the fake numbers that Vets are getting seen by the doc within 30 days. If those execs spent half the time helping Vets as they do scheming up more bonuses, then we would have a smoothly oiled VA machine.

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Thatmust be why I can't get my regular doc to ever call me back and follow up on lab results and X-rays.  Part of me doesn't care though, because when I do get to see him, he just complains about how horrible the VA is.  At least my psych doc is good.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

To get admitted to VA nut ward you must show intent to hurt yourself or someone else.  They want you to have a plan and to come out and say  "I plan to go home and kill myself within the next hour with a 12 gauge shotgun by blowing my head off in the kitchen at 12pm on Tuesday, and it is now 10am on Tuesday".    About 15 years ago I was admitted to VA nut factory and they grilled me intensively about what my intentions were as far as asking me to sign statement that I would swear to them I would not hurt myself or others.  I would not sign and got admitted which was the best move I ever made.   My employer fired me and the date I was admitted became my EED after a few appeals, IME's and other evidence gathering.  If you are suicidal you have to think ahead a few years.  I am joking  but this is  how it worked out for me when I was just trying to save my ass that day.  Not good to joke about suicide but if you saw what I had to do to get admitted you might cuss or laugh.   If they had a hint this guy was going to hurt himself they should have admitted him.  What Rootbeer says is true about not jumping to conclusions, but will anyone really investigate the circumstances of this suicide?  I doubt it unless the congressman for that district takes it as a personal crusade to get to the bottom of it.   Everyone says how terrible it is that vets kill themselves but since there is no campaign money in finding  out why or how nothing happens.  Most of our congress critters have been bought by special interests and that is where they devote their time.

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