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R.o. Called Me 2 Days Straight



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You win because you don't go away. They know you are right. Pretend it's a game of tennis. Eventually you hit the ball back and they drive it into the net... or just give up and give you what you were promised when you signed up. Oddly enough, I might not have fought so hard for my benefits if they hadn't called me a liar. They said I was never in Vietnam. That hurts. I spent more time elsewhere where there was far more AO and A Blue but still lost good friends we were never able to recover. Two years of it. When they deny based on faulty info, you throw down. I sure didn't figure it was going to go into overtime like this but hey, bring it on. Fighting VA at the CAVC with a Writ (right now) is like shooting fish in a barrel when you have the high ground.And... it's fun. Always smile when you do this. Especially at the RO. Let them know you might have been born at night, but not last night. When you smile a lot, they get worried because most of us are bummed out or stressed. It makes VA personnel very uncomfortable when you do because they think they are missing something important they should know about.

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Great advice bud, and sorry to hear of your issues. In the last 2 years almost everything that the VA denied in Feb 2013, has been granted. I just keep reopening denied conditions, and point out the same evidence, that either the Raters or C&P Exam Docs ignore, don't understand or just don't care. I don't like appeals as I don't wont to spend years chasing my tail, when I know the evidence was there in front of their eyes the whole time. Good luck and God Bless!!!

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Thanks ASKNOD you are so right don't be stressed I use to worry and get mad but like you said pretend its a game of tennis. The CAVC did a final decision on my left tibia they called out the r.o. on a surgery I had in 2007 after my temp 100% they never gave me a increase. On my right knee its so bad I am facing knee replacement this year,on my right hand/thumb it was frost bitten v.a. doc sais it was they say it was because I played basketball in service, but I played in high school injured free , TDIU this is funny to like you said keep (smiling) SSA said I am Unemployable since 1993, My Private doc sent notes saying I am not workable,my v.a. doc said 3/5/2015 I am not workable period .So it was Deferred. Just waiting on them to send me to a ortho doc for a exam. Good Luck ASKNOD I pray that Writ works for you no one should have to go thru Appeals like this.

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I will always call it amazing that the VA can actually look at our files that have been going on for 10, 20 years and then say oh yea lets grant this and maybe they will not appeal??

My appeal that is now at BVA is like that! They approved it but only as far back as a retro of $24,999.00!

Now we guys/gals that have been around for a while all know that it only takes one signature! Suspicious? You darn right....


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. "When you smile a lot, they get worried because most of us are bummed out or stressed. It makes VA personnel very uncomfortable when you do because they think they are missing something important they should know about. "

I love that Asknod.... I busted out laughing during some of the RO rhetoric I heard via phone calls lately.

And the best laugh I got was when I told the director. Oh No I just found Another CUE in the decision (I filed CUE with her on 3 legal errors the day I received it,last week..)

A real good Vietnam vet friend of mine was standing in our sheep pasture looking at my flock one day decades ago and I heard him say to my husband,,that is what VA wants us to be, sheep being led to a slaughter...he meant a mental slaughter due to their capricious nature as to the way they treat many of us claimants.

I heard my husband reply yeah but my wive's sheep have a leader... ( a dorset was the leader of my entire suffolk flock)

and we vets don't have anyone leading us in the right direction.

He was right. The vet reps were and still are a big part of the problem.

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Yes I laughed also its just to funny at times the things they say I, but let me ask a question? How come they(V.A.) have the SSA Records but have a hard time Granting IU? I Filed for a increase in 3/1995 using SSA Records and they still cant figured it out.

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I have been thinking about my situation and I think that I am going to file a NOD on the retro pay. I will have to get a letter from my past therapist and my old psych eval and present it as new evidence.

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They ask do I have any questions bout my Appeals? Yes. Why is it taking 20 years to Adjudicate something so simple? Reply :couldn't give me a answer. I have read about ASKNOD journey that what keeping me motivated, cause it can be done.

it sounds like they are trying to trip you up. Maybe trying to trick you into saying something that will screw you, be careful with these snakes. I would ask them why they are sending it to appeals and wasting even more time, when a favorable decision should have already been granted.

The only time they ever call me is with some trickery in mind, like saying they havent recieved the evidence Ive sent, then when I tell them I have proof of filing, they magically " find " the evidence in a " wrong file". Ive been lied to so much, I dont trust anyone at the VAMC, or the RO at all.. It takes a real piece of shit to screw over a veteran, and the VA is chock full.

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