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I went to the VA emergency room after seeing the sleep apena doctor and chronic fatigue doctor on the 19th, I am service connected for my back. I have been trying to get help for it since June 2014, I was in so much pain and just wanted relief (I live 90 minutes away from the VA) my average pain scale is 10, They took me back to a room and time went by and a nurse walks in with a pen and appeared to be a post it note pad asked me what I was taking for my pain and I said 1200 mgs of ibuprofen 3 to 4 times a day with no relief and she leaves. Then walks in a blonde (this should be a joke) and she tells me to take ibuprofen for the pain I explained to her the same thing I told the nurse. I was never examined, I was never even treated. When did the VA decide NOT to treat serviced connected injuries and refusing me treatment?

I have the right to have my pain assessed and to receive treatment to manage my pain, I was not assessed and did not receive any treatment - Right?

So right or wrong I have sent out well over 30 e-mails and I also have a news reporter that wants the story. SOOOOOO any advice on my next step and is the news reporter a good idea?

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I feel you should contact the Patient advocate, at the VAMC and if there is no resolve there, contact the Director of the VAMC.

But get a copy of the ER Certificate first.

That seems like a lot of Ibuprofen.

Has this dosage been prescribed by the VA?

Ibuprofen, as a NSAID, has caused secondary SC in many vets who got GERD from taking it.

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Something is wrong here. You are probably going to end up with kidney damage if you keep taking the same dosage levels of Ibuprofen or other NSAIDs.

Please follow Berta's advice above. You need to get off of the heavy dosages of ibuprofen. JMO


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go to a private ER....then call the VA and let them know your there & you couldn't wait or travel to your VA. (Emergency)

You need to be checked out with a good medical exam, if you call the VA let them know then your not responsible for the medical Bill

Unfortunately this is happening all over the nation with the VA

I take 800 ibuprofen makes my stomach up set...

so sorry your treated this way, call Bob Mc-Donald and let him know what happen to you.

I wish you well bud!


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well heres your problem.. seems the VA has a big problem right now. For decades, in lieu of more expensive, chronic, extensive care for the very common skeletal and muscular injuries and ilnesses from which veterans suffer, the VA choose to prescribe narcotic pain meds by the trainload to vets. Recently the DEA cracked down, and started digging in the the doctors ass, and they are paranoid. Although a VA doc is almost impossible to fire, and many arent even licensed. a Dea agent can come put cuffs on them and escort them to the graybar hotel. The fact that you are being neglected and forced to suffer needlessly, has nothing to do with you, its the VA that created a monster, and gave out narcotics for just about any ailment imaginable. Many vets were selling thier meds, why, because they didnt really need them. They got put on long term opiate therapy for a short term injury or ilness .

Doctors are cutting vets off in mass. and it doesnt matter what your pain level is. Now, the people who really need the pain meds because they dont have any better options, are being made to suffer, and pay for the VA s mistakes.

This debacle has become a 2 pronged fork, because not only do they not want to provide pain medication, they do not want to provide the more costly alternative options such as chiropractic care, laser spine surgery, intense physical therapy, accupuncture, ect. Most of these treatments are effective but ongoing. VA dont like paying for ongoing care.

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Well I have only had narcotics once or twice for, all I wanted last June was another injection in my back. The injections is not a 100% pain free injection I would normally get down to a 5 on the pain scale instead now I am at 10 pain scale and acupuncture once every 3 months I don't think ok I know will not even do the trick. Thank you all for your advice, I will take all I can get.


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