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Advise On Information I Witheld During Claim (Intentionally) & Appeal



First, I want to thank the moderators and posters on this board. I submitted and ran my own claim after a very bad experience

with a VFW claims rep. This resource helped a lot and maybe I can give back in time.

It is a lot easier for me to ask this via a false name online that in real life and I appreciate it.

I did well in the military, Honor Grad, decorated for heroism, etc., but sort of crashed after multiple tours both in uniform and non service

connected contracts. I always limited my comments during the claim to service time only and got a 50% rating.

I thing I denied thru the whole process, verbally and in writing was suicidal ideation which was and has been real. I had an Outreach Coordinator

track me down as I think he heard I was having trouble with DUIs and obvious battle fatigue after I retired and he took me straight in to rehab one day.

That's when the process started. I denied it throughout years of treatment as I was on probation for the DUI and was afraid I would be locked up in the psych

ward or have my weapons taken away. Prior to him taking me down, I had bought the ammunition and decided on a spot to do it if they wouldn't take me.

I dealt with those thoughts a lot until recently. Time helped. The thought that I am not God and can't stop guys from getting hurt as a leader (I replayed a lot in my

head about what I could have done better to stop it; the guys were like children to me although they thought I was too demanding at times..it paid off and they know it).

I address the alcohol and the other negative stuff in a healthy way now. It just means that I have to remove myself from a lot of environments and do a lot of 12 step work

and the whole spiritual strength has been the saving grace for all the issues. From a claims perspective, it limits my ability to work the high pressure, 18hr days I used to

and I can't be around a job that has to do with combat or combat support anymore, hence minimum wage type jobs where I can do my own therapy type thing.

So my thoughts are to see a counselor and lay it right out. I got a 50% rating, one I am very grateful for and have mostly stellar things to say about the VA. They did save my life and I won't forget it. Despite the issues, no other country loves or takes care of its soldiers like the US.

So sermon aside, to sum up and request advice:

1. I lied during my treatment about not having certain problems and have appealed my claim. I think that revelation would boost it.

2. I live in Central America. There is a psychiatrist who speaks English I could see. I want nothing to do with life in the US for now. I can't afford it and the 2years of probation for a simple DUI and reporting to 7 different government agencies is outright unacceptable. Any thoughts on this?

3. I also had a claim for hearing loss/tinnitus denied. I got a hearing test which they confirmed hearing loss as did my phyiscals, but no tinnitus exam and they denied both (I was Infantry and worked extensively with demolitions and graduated the Sapper Leader Course.

I did my NOD and requested the DRO review. As I try to gather documents to support the increase (tinnitus and higher rating for PTSD as I think its consistent with the charts/descriptions) will a foreign providers opinion be considered/persuasive? I am also thinking about taking the GAF test and putting it forward.

Thank you all very much. My first tour was 83 and they pretty much never stopped until I retired in 2008. I didn't expect to be alive at this age and had no plan for it, but here I am and while I wouldn't claim anything for years as it is the "Service" figure I earned that money pretty well.

Thank you again.

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You deserve your VA compensation due to your sacrifice in service.

The 50% might well be too low. Are you employed?

These links might help you ,if you dont have them and we do have a few Foreign Medical Program claimants here too


"I did my NOD and requested the DRO review. As I try to gather documents to support the increase (tinnitus and higher rating for PTSD as I think its consistent with the charts/descriptions) will a foreign providers opinion be considered/persuasive?

I would certainly think so.

Make sure you get a run down of his expertise (Curriculum Vitae)

and make sure he follows the IMO criteria here at hadit....

" I am also thinking about taking the GAF test and putting it forward."

The VA doesn't really use the GAF testing anymore.

Others will chime in.

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Thanks a lot Berta. I left a good job to go to rehab (voluntarily, not court ordered etc) and just start getting myself together.

I worked at a minimum wage job after that at a ski area as it keeps me outside all day which really helped with insomnia.

After I got off probation I left the country as I just don't fit into American society at all anymore. People like me, I like them, but I also saw

getting in trouble for fights on the horizon. And I mind my own business. Particularly since I quit drinking, that concern became a lot greater.

Not like I am a hothead, pretty much the opposite. I just have a far lower tolerance for stupidity and view violence as far more acceptable than society does

Go figure after 27yrs in the Infantry.

Thanks again for the feedback. I will check the links.

PS: Maybe I can help you back. I wrote a lot of stuff over the years for the Army, particullary after my knee got bad (around yr 24) and I couldn't really go hump in the

line anymore.

Can you access my email and keep it offline? I have a ton of stuff I could send you that might help you and even some articles online. I just don't want my real name on this site.

Thanks again. And FYI, I am lucky I guess. But the VA has been really good to me and its a gift from the American people I won't ever stop being grateful for. Or maybe I should say

if I get that way, will check my attitude and think how much better off I would be with nothing.

If I can help you back, just drop me a line.

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You probably have your work cut out for you. Admitting that you lied during previous C & P and signed any official VA Document attesting to being Truthful could present significant credibility issues. It might be wise and even prudent to simply file for an increase in your current PTSD Rating based on your current symptoms. Under current VA regs youll most likly have to have another C&P by VA employed or contract Psychiatrist/Psychologist Phd. Be a real stretch for the VA to accept a Non VA/Non US Psychiatrist's DX but who knows. You mentioned you live in Central America and something about not being able to handle the 2 yr Probation for a "Simple" DUI conviction. Do you truly think the Punishment didn't fit the crime? How many other times did you drive drunk and not get caught? Hopefully you never injured or caused another accident to happen.

As for the GAF testing, VA is using DSM V and really doesn't rely on GAF Scoring like they used to. (5) different Mental Health Clinicians could come up with (5) different GAF scores based on same Vet's symptoms. Print up a copy of the Current VA PTSD DBQ and request that your current Psychiatrist complete it. Be sure to include all of his Psychiatric Medical Training verifications. Please rethink the "I previously Lied" deal. Stay Dry!

Semper Fi


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  • HadIt.com Elder

You needn't worry about being locked up, but that's here in the good old USA, I don't know about other countries/cultures. I'd stay away from the "lie" statement, claim wise.

You could say that you downplayed the suicidal ideation but admit that you have had serious thoughts of doing yourself. They take it more seriously if you have a plan, to do it. If your still within the one year appeal period, it could mean some retro. To avoid a lengthy appeal period you might consider requesting them to CUE themselves, stating that you "have had suicidal ideations but the examiner failed to list it, in your C&P exam report." jmo


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