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I am still trying to figure where my claim is heading. My claim just went from Preparation of Notification back to Gathering of Evidence. There are several new contentions added to my disabilities however there are 2 that are not added.

Those 2 that are not showing are: neurogenic bladder with urinary urgency due to multiple sclerosis (also claimed as suprapubic catheter) (Increase) and, diplopia (Increase). Do you think those 2 are the reason why it went back to gathering of evidence? If so I guess there will be a new C&P scheduled soon to justify those 2 other contentions?

My other question to this matter is, I noticed the dates on these new added disabilities is wrong. Should I wait to get the actual paperwork on this claim and then dispute the EED or do something before?

Thanks for all the great help.

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  • Moderator

These are some good questions, and, unless you want to delay your claim 4 years with an appeal, I suggest you get the answers to them.

First, order your c file, if you have not already.

Most Vets assume the VA has all the paperwork they sent. If you believe that, then write it down and put it under your pillow and the tooth fairy will leave you a quarter.

All this said, ebenefits is notoriously unreliable, and, it is possible your claim is "on track" and they have all your records as well as all your claims.

So, the next thing I recommend is to send an IRIS email, and inquire as to why ebenefits does not list your 2 increases you filed on xxx date. Or, inquire as to what is the status of the 2 claims for increase you filed on xx date. It would not hurt to file an "intent to file" form, and include all of them, as that form is now required.

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That 1st 1 I stated as not included, neurogenic bladder with urinary urgency due to multiple sclerosis (also claimed as suprapubic catheter) (Increase), the end part suprapubic catheter is not listed in the increase?

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Yes I already requested my C-file in December of 2013 and recieved it January of this year. I am just going through it slowly now. I am going to wait for an official letter the BBE with all the particulars of my claim. Also need to go and change my POA to a more reliable VSO, that will probably be my 1st step before I recieve the decision. Thanks Broncovet!

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I agree with BroncoVet on this one. Also remember that it is not uncommon for Claims to go back and forth in status. My current FDC which I submitted in Nov 14 was at Prep for Decision thru Jan 15. Then all of a sudden it went back to Gathering of Evidence and I had 8 or so C&Ps at 2 different VAs. Now it has been at Prep for Decision again for the last 7 or so weeks. Sometimes the VA will add or change claim conditions to a claim, which has happened to me a few times. Also they will decide a condition or two, and differ a few to be decided later as the VA still needs evidence for those conditions. So you could get an Official Decision in the mail for some conditions claimed, and then the VA will send a letter asking for Supporting Evidence for the Differed conditions. Really just hard to say, without an official call or letter bud. Good luck and keep us posted. God Bless!!!

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<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Also need to go and change my POA to a more reliable VSO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ah, some Veterans have such a refreshing, well-balanced sense of humor. It makes my heart swell with paroxysms of laughter. You made my day, sir.

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Well I am glad I made your day Asknod, you probably needed that laugh. Just your response made me laugh, maybe not as hard as yours but a little though.

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No offense, sir. I merely worry about VSOs. Some are outstanding with really wonderful, knowledgeable representatives but most are not. I went 0/3 before I won on my own. I didn't even have Hadit to do it with. I didn't even know it was here. This is like having Cliff Notes for a PhD. You will never get steered wrong here as long as you are willing to hear everyone weigh in on the problem. Never arrive with an eight hour deadline to begin strategizing. A matter as simple as getting the evidence in front of the rater to see (and figure out) is 95% of VA's problem. It's like the Beatles song Helter Skelter. VA doesn't know what their right or left hand is doing. Winning often is the confluence of events where everything ends up in front of a DRO or a BVA staff attorney and there is that light bulb over the noggin moment. And you win. But not one moment sooner.

Every Vet who wins gives me a little laugh. Every widow I help get her DIC makes me smile. Every last one of you who prevail makes me proud as hell to know you stood your ground. It took me 21 ++ years but I was stupid. I honestly believed VA was my Best F********* Friend. That's what my VSOs told me. Theresa began this site on that same premise. Share and Learn. I began to help those who were dying from Hepatitis C they got in the service. Far too many die waiting. Every one of you who wins is a different outcome from the VA normal. It proves you weren't lying. Best of Luck, sir. And keep a smile on your face. You're better and far more honest than them.

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  • Moderator

I have looked up and posted on VSO charter's before. Feel free to do it yourself and find out what I found out: In VSO charters, they pledge to cooperate with VA. Regardless of what VA tells us, VA is our adversary, that is, our opponent. They have a "vested interest" in ensuring that we receive a low a benefit as possible, at the latest effective date. The reason for this, at the end of the physical year, the VA execs can then say..."ok, we had money left over from Veterans benefits..how shall we divide up the exec bonuses?"

As long as you fully understand your VSO is sworn to represent your opponent in law, you will do ok. The good part of this is that some VSO's dont know the charter and are actually there to help Veterans. Usually, tho, the big VSO bosses (who earn about 300k plus per year) usually straighten them out if they are too Veteran friendly.

Asknod and I have found this out the hard way. I am fairly certain that we both applied for benefits, and both of us were denied. Then, we appealed. The appeal was granted and the RO implemented this and gave us a big fat 0 percent for our trouble. (This is the way mine happened, for sure..Asknod's was similar, but he speaks well for himself). Both our VSO's told us...heck, dont appeal the 0 percent..they could take away what you have and you would be left with nothing. Huhhhh? Gee, I thought 0 percent was nothing! "Oh, no," the VSO replied. "You got your foot in the door and you can ask for an increase."

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I thank you Asknod and Broncovet, you two have opened my eyes more. Here is what I got to add.

These are my Original disabilities I am already recieving which has giving me my current rating of M + k:

loss of use of right arm due to multiple sclerosis 70% Service Connected


loss of use of both lower extremities due to multiple sclerosis 100% Service Connected


Also have a K for loss of use right hand due to multiple sclerosis which goes back to 2003

This is what came up on E-Disfuntional Benefits. The EED on these I will dispute after I recieve my BBE on what ever
finally shows up. I do not believe adding these new ratings alone will give me the rating that I am trying to achieve which is at
least SMC "O" or "R-1"? I have no idea at this point.

New disabilities showing:

neurogenic bowel
10% Service Connected 03/17/2014

left upper extremity weakness
30% Service Connected 03/17/2014

insomnia with hypersomnolence
30% Service Connected 03/17/2014

erectile dysfunction
0% Service Connected 03/17/2014

neurogenic bladder with urinary urgency due to multiple sclerosis
30% Service Connected 09/05/2014

I do not see the 1 listed there for, suprapubic catheter (secondary to: urinary urgency due to multiple sclerosis) , listed
on the new disabilities given a rating. As you can see it is on the 526 EZ form I submitted. And if that gets added to new disabilities that should put me to the R1 I think?. You can see below that it is rated 100%.

**************Continued from block 9 21-526 EZ
Increased Disabilities:
1. urinary urgency due to multiple sclerosis
Secondary Disabilities:
1. suprapubic catheter (secondary to: urinary urgency due to multiple sclerosis)
**************End continued block 9 21-526 EZ
Title-38 Chap-1 Part-4 subpart-b

4.115b Ratings of the genitourinary system—diagnoses.

7516 Bladder, fistula of:
Rate as voiding dysfunction or urinary tract infection, whichever is predominant.
Postoperative, suprapubic cystotomy 100%

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  • Moderator

Im gonna let Asknod opine on advanced levels of SMC..I already made one blooper on that one. However, I have done considerable study on effective dates, and will do my best to help there.

I have to say there is some "grey" area there. You see, SMC is inferred, and you dont have to apply for it. However, the effective date regs say your effective date will be the LATER of the date of claim or "facts found". The question is what is the effective date when its inferred? I would have to intuitively think the effective day would then be the "facts found", since the date your date of claim would not apply to SMC as its inferred.

That issue probably warrants some case study. Just knowing VA, they always seem to try to dream up a less favorable effective date than I ever thought possible.

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Well that last one, neurogenic bladder ect should go back to 03/17/14 like the others, because there is proof in myhealthvet records of increased problems with my bladder. I already had that one and my bowel at 20% and now they have been increased to the max 30% for both. Hope that helps some? Thanks.

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