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P&t Claim



How would one go about filing a claim for P&T since this is not an actual disease or has a diagnostic code.

I am guessing I can just use the regulations and show how per the regulations that I am P&T?

I've been having a hard time focusing on just about everything lately but if it takes me a month to write this claim up then so be it.

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"How would one go about filing a claim for P&T since this is not an actual disease or has a diagnostic code."

You will need an IMO or C&P stating that the service related conditions you have are permanent, and very unlikely to improve.

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Well I have 2 IMOs stating this and the RO has refused to give me P&T after they approved TDIU. So I am going to file a claim of P&T because I have this funny feeling that the RO has NOT seen my EMG on my legs showing bilateral radiculopathy. After dealing with the VA and them not doing a thing, treatment, on my back I decided to see a private surgeon. He setup for me to have facet joint blocks to tests if I can have a Rizhotomy. He sat down and told me that I had herniated a disc in my lumbar spine most likely at the L5-S1 but it had healed itself but it caused permanent nerve damage to the nerves going into my legs.

I already have 2 appeals at the RO each with other claims related to my spine plus each one has one leg secondary to my lumbar spine.

I am wondering does the RO actually retrieve the reports from their own databases? The reason I ask is when they were trying to reduce me they didn't even have none of the medical reports from James A. Haley where I was receiving my treatment. At the hearing I handed them 360+ pages of my treatment from James A. Haley for them since they were too lazy to retrieve the reports themselves.

I am going to file for P&T and once again show them in BOTH IMOs that Dr. Bash did where he stated that my issues were in fact permanent. Also SSDI's vocational specialists said I could not go to work because there was nothing that I could do, and vocational rehab sent me a letter stating they made a determination that I could not go back to work.

I understand there is a stabilization period at times before they grant P&T but geez this has been going on since January 2010!!!!!

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RP, I totally feel for you bud, but as you can tell from my Story I have a ton going on and No P&T. I have a current claim that will be granted another 7 or 8 conditions at high %s. My claim is at Prep for Decision still, but on my AB8 it now states Up for Review in Mar 2018, which means another 3 years of Temporary for me. Good luck and God Bless, and sorry you are going for an Unlimited Ride on the VA Roller Coaster of SH***!!!!!

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Phillip and Navy04 thanks for information. I found what I needed in the Veterans Benefit Manual and the Federal Veterans Laws, Rules and Regulations. I think I got one from you Phillip? Anyway I ordered a newer version from Lexis Nexus and the CD they send helps also. I have issues focusing now becuase of the pain and the meds I take so its going to take a month to write claim or request up.

Again thanks for the information.

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If you haven't already done so, request assistance from Undersecretary Hickey. A lot of vets have been helped recently by Ms. Hickey. It would not hurt to see if she could help you also. She seems to be performing miracles lately.

Good luck to you.


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I am bringing this topic back up today because I have TWO things to talk about and a question to ask.

1. This past Friday I lifted a 40lb box of chicken leg quarters from the shopping cart into my SUV. I didn't feel any pain in my back when I did this. As I was putting the shopping cart back up where it belongs I started having pain in my right legs in the front part of my thigh and down into my shin. By the time I got home BOTH legs were in severe pain, again in the front of the thighs and into the shins of both legs. Since then I have not been able to sleep good because the pain is so severe not even any of the pain meds I have or muscle relaxers are helping. To be honest I have been crying Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and this morning because the pain is worse than I have ever felt before. What lumbar levels affect the Front-side thigh and in the shins? My wife keeps begging me to go to the ER but as I now know there is nothing they will do except charge me or my medicare an outragous bill. I don't trust my local hospital just as much as I don't trust the VA. Do you all remember the movie where the baby swapped occured? Yes that is my local hospital here in Wauchula, Hardee County, FL. Tomorrow I am suppose to have my third and final set of Facet Joint Blocks in my lumbar spine but I will explain to my doctor what had happened. I have feeling he isn't going to give me the shots but send me across the street from his office to have an MRI. I think I herniated or have a severely bulge disc. Its not the pain that bothers me but I can't have a stool without have pain in my lumbar and legs. I've been constipated and that doesn't help. This morning I took a suppository and 15 minutes later I was on the toilet. The pain was so bad in my back and legs I cried. I will admit that to anybody because unless you never felt this type of pain before be forewarned is one of the worst pains ever.

2. I am currently researching P&T/ permanent and total disability. I was granted TDIU March 2014 retro back to July 2013 but they didn't give me P&T even after TWO IMOs Dr. Bash wrotes stated that my conditions were in fact permanent and total. Vocational Rehab changed me to Independent Living Program and wrote me a letter stating I cannot go back to work. I completed the Independent Living Program last month and my Vocational Rehab Couselor stated that I cannot go back to work. She has helped me more than any person as the VA ever has. She is one of the few that really cares about veterans and their health.

So my question is does anybody here on hadit happen to have template for P&T I could use? Per the Federal Veterans Laws, Rules and Regulations I qualify for P&T and should have been given this when they granted me TDIU. So now I am going to file a claim for P&T but I don't know how to write this one up even though I wrote many others types of claims up before today. Is there a website that might have a template for P&T?

Thansk in advance,


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Sorry to hear of your pain bud, as I have bad knees and a hole in my spine. As far as P&T, good luck bud. You know all the issues I have, and with this current claim there will be SC for my back, L knee, chronic asthma along with other issues being increased like my TBI and possibly PTSD. I truly wish you the best though, God Bless

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Well this past Tuesday is a day, last day that I will ever, ever let anybody put a needle in me. This is not against any MD or anything but the pain I experienced as the MD did the Facet Joint Block Injections, three needles right above each other that when he shot each injection at the level, L5, I screamed with all the breath I had. I have never, ever felt pain like that ever in my entire life. There is no pain scale that I could place this pain on. It felt like I was having surgery without Anestethia.

BUT, within 10 minutes after the shot the pain in my legs subsided. I not just have the normal pain from the nerve damage.

I say that I will not let anybody touch me again because right now at this point and time I am litterally scared of anybody sticking anything in my spine because of that pain I experienced.

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Very simple. Whatever you think you should be P&T for you request a increase and write next to it "Permanent and Total" There is a specific language that is attached to your exam that asks the examiner whether they think your condition will ever improve. Or you can file for an increase and pray that its PnT.

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