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Ime With Dr John Ellis: My Experience



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  • HadIt.com Elder

I have sent several Fed employees to him for OWCP cases and have yet to lose one after his report hits, a couple had to go to ECAB, but it was worth it in the end.

I have nothing but high regards for him and his staff, cuz OWCP absolutely hates to see his name in a report , it make it almost impossible from them to screw you at that point, maybe the VA will have the same feelings.

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Great report! I also used the Ellis Clinic back in February. I've forwarded my IME/IMO on to the VA to help substantiate my NOD. Great rates and he covered several conditions. I am still in the land of NOD right now though, so I'll hold off on my complete report of how well it all worked when I get some feedback and/or decisions from the VA.

Good luck on your claims!


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Are you on appeal? Any further testing done by Dr Ellis, or strictly a review of your current Medical Records? Is Dr Ellis a Board Certified Specialist in your area of concern?

Semper Fi


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He is affordable, and he is very friendly. He likes to chat and swap stories.

I have yet to reap the rewards from his IME' s, however, with that said, I doubt the VA gave much weight to my evidence, I was still dealing with the Regional Office knuckleheads.

However, I am headed to the big boys at the BVA, hopefully there, "they can read" Berta's experience.

JMO, I will say an opinion from a long treating doc will yield better stance in your claim, but I do endorse utilizing an IME/IMO to strengthen your case. To supplement your case and add a stronger defense. It is all material evidence.

Once I am hire up the food chain, I am going after comparing my specialty doctors opinion and thoroughness of an exam to the Nurse practitioner and Gyno doc's lack of medical rational and expertise, that rendered opinions on my back and SW Asia claim. I kid you not, an OBGYN. I looked it up. Shenanigans !!!

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1. No, Reconsideration on several denials

2. Yes, he accomplished testing during a full exam AND reviewed records. Testing was appropriate for my conditions; he does have advanced diagnostic equipment in his examination rooms when needed.

3. Here are his board certifications (from his website):

Board Certifications:

American Board of Environmental Medicine

American Board of Family Practice

American Board of Forensic Examiners

American Board of Forensic Medicine

American Board of Independent Medical Examiners

No, he doesn't have a board certification in my particular area(s), however, that was not my primary concern (at this point) as I didn't want to see four different board-certified specialists for an initial IME. I realize that a direct per-condition board certification may be needed on a specific appeal, especially if needed to buttress another VA employed physician, but will cross that bridge if necessary. Again, the intent of my post was only to inform other veterans of the process and what's included in the report; the effectiveness of his report is still yet to be seen although others have had success (VA and OWCP).

You can be darn skippy though, that he reviewed your whole SMR. I can't say that about ANY VA C&P examiner.

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The sad thing about this process is: "evidence" is supposed to be the major factor.

Now it seems one physicians expertise/opinion can have a stronger standing than others.

Board certified, I have heard that term before.

The VA puzzle is indeed complex.

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I agree, and I found the whole process to be quite organized. I made the drive from Southeast Texas to Oklahoma City the day before my appointment, for a couple of reasons. First I wanted to take my time getting there, and I brought my wife and two young girls for a trip to see the Oklahoma City bombing memorial, which I believe everybody should visit just as a reminder that domestic terrrorism also exists, and we should always be mindful.

I already had an IMO from my oncologist, who has treated me since 1998. (And as long as he keeps me alive, I'll keep going). However, I wanted another Doctor's IME/IMO on my conditions that my oncologist treated me for, plus others, two of which I wanted to obtain as backup for inferred conditions discovered by the VA's doctor during my C&P examination, which the VA contracted doctor (Veterans Evaluation Services) noted in his DBQ narrative, and for which I submitted as new inferred claims.

I stayed at the Fairfield Inn, which was nearly walking distance from the Ellis Clinic, and also found out that if you mention that you are visiting the Ellis Clinic for an examination, they will give you a small discount at check-in.

It was a very reasonable wait, and they got me in and out fairly quickly. Like others, it took me a couple of weeks to get my IME/IMO report. I did have a couple of corrections that I noted, and sent back to them to fix. That part took a good bit longer, but I received them after a while, and scanned submitted to the VA in about four different ways, eBenefits, fax to Janesville, certified mail to Janesville and certfied mail to the Houston VARO.

They seem to know their stuff! I'll keep y'all posted on how they worked out. Btw, if you do go, they will show your their world map and let you put a pushpin of where you are from on it to show that you've been there. They have a TON of pins on that thing from all over the world.

I will say this.....if this report helps me like I am hoping it will with the conditions on my NOD, I will more than likely use them for future conditions BEFORE I submit a claim to the VA, and will provide their IME/IMO with a FDC.

Have a great weekend!


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I can see your point. What I have noticed in my particular case, and I'll admit it's not a blanket situation. The thoroughness of the exams, the use of favorable medical evidence, history and degree of symptoms along with documented testing both from independents sources and purchased IME/IMO are not being given weight in my specific case.

This is fact and I am basing my opinion so far on where I am in my appeals. I can't really say that Dr. Ellis Report was useful or not because I'm not entirely sure it was factored in and given its due weight in the DRO decision. of course the VA's stance is that my favorable evidence was weighed and used yet my rating only went up 10% on my back and only that much from the date of the exam.

Again this is just in my claim from what I've experienced and what I've seen pertaining to the regs and evidence used in my decisions.

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