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Gerd/dysphagia Still After Nissen Fundiplication


I was wanting to get peoples feedback and experiences with GERD. Been dealing with the GERD for many years now, and to be accurate I have IBS/ICS as well.

I have been on most proton inhibitors, and varied diets, you know no spicy, acidic, fatty foods and still have issues. Have had a few endoscopies along with colonoscopies these last few years. Have found abnormal tissue but results have all come back benign which has been a positive, knock on wood. This past January had a Nissen Fundiplication perfomed and for the most part has put out the fire down the throat.

Still get a burning feeling every now and then but nothing like before and have had some episodes of gagging/vomiting but that can be attributed to learning how to chew your food more thoroughly and taking smaller bites due to the procedure.

The sensation of something lodged in the back of my throat is still persistent and not more painful or burning, considerably less,but consistently feels like something is there.

I am now on a weird and unknown treatment to me, but recently have been put on mixing pulmicort mixed with honey to help with the inflamation of the esophagus. Got a few tubes shoved down my nose so Doc could take a look see in there. That felt odd.

That was a weird treatment with the medication when I first heard the doc state it but makes sense. It's acts like a steroid spray down your food canal. In any case, he will be examining me after 8 weeks on this treatment.

Has anyone had any experience with this treatment? Feedback and information would be most appreciated.

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