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Units Tested



I am trying to find out what units specifically were tested and at what time. I keep finding in google the normal general information pieces done in the media, however i cant find a specific link that says what units at what time were tested.

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All I have is the name of the tests and when and what for and where:


You asked a good question and I will try to find out more on what units were in these tests.

For all we know they might have covered service personnel in every branch of service

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My Mother in Laws Father was with the Puerto Rican National Guard during WWII and Korea, however he was a officer and i think it was mostly enlisted that were tested. He died young and I wanted to find out if there was a chance he was exposed to help out my mother in law and give her some consolation

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Wikipedia lists some Air and ship units:


Our member here, Jerrel Cook, the producer of the Blog radio show, was in Project 112 (SHAD)
and has complied extensive evidence on these tests.

It was my understanding years ago that VA had identified 6 thousand veterans who had served in SHAD to include Project 112.

But no vet , as far as I know, has succeeded in a VA service connected claim yet, due solely to results of SHAD tests.

This was regarding thr original IOM study on SHAD:

I dont know, but Jerrel would know, if the IOM ever did further stidies on SHAD.

And he would know if maybe the individual doing this documentary would have more info.

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Gee, I posted a reply prior to reading your reply.

The VA has never awarded any Project SHAD deaths yet.

What did he died from and was he ever stationed near the DMZ in Korea ?

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I understand its a long term fight for SHAD and im not even sure that he was exposed, however i was in the process already of reconstructing his military records as a gift to my mother in law ie requesting SMR, Service Record, etc. I was also able to get her his purple heart and other medals which she loved.

It crossed my mind to check up on SHAD and other exposures when i read the NPR story.

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I can certainly understand why your mother in law would want to know why he died.

It was my concern too when my husband collapsed in our barn and died while I gave him CPR. He was 47 years old.

I did find out why,and after 20 years, that still never goes away.

Thank you for helping her!

Gee, the Purple Heart posthumously... a GSW is certainly a stressor. Did jhe ever file a VA claim in the past?

History of Puerto Rico National Guard :

And some claims from Puerto Rico NG at the BVA web site:

Is it possible that residuals from the gun shot would caused or contributed to his death?

I recently read of a case ( non veteran) whereby 35 years after this man was shot, his GSW was found to have contributed to his death and his GSW had been classified as accidental but when he died ,his death had been classified as murder.

Also I guess I was thinking that he could have been exposed to AO at the DMZ and died of an AO presumptive.

It always pays to remind all of the AO Korea vet regulations.


This is an extraordinary case :

The veteran served in Korea and at Camp Carroll was exposed to toxins other than AO:

In Part:
" Upon review of this evidence, Dr. S.B. opined that, based on the Veteran's occupation and time served at Camp Carroll, it was as likely as not that the Veteran was exposed to dioxins, PCB's and possibly heavy metals which increased his risk of developing diabetes. Dr. S.B. further noted that dioxin exposure has been associated with several disease processes, including diabetes. The Eight Army Corp of Engineers Executive Summary Report of 2004 confirmed dioxins in surface soils at Camp Carroll. "


These are great cases too:

And the current unit list is in this YUKU VBN link:


In cases like yours, it pays to go backwards. ( I have had this experience myself for many of my claims)

What did the Death Certificate state as the primary and then contributing causes off death?

(Even if a primary cause of death is not service connectable, the contributing cause could be)

Do the veteran's complete SMRs reveal any support for an inservice nexus related to the cause of death?

What does the Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins or any major medical web site say would cause this type of death?

Was there any AD place that revealed possible exposure issues that could be attributed to specific environmental hazards , to include Agent Orange, that could have lent to death?

Was an autopsy done?

Do you have copies of any VA med recs and/or private med recs he had?

If I didnt have an autopsy done on my deceased husband ( he was an organ donor so they did the autopsy because of that)
I probably could have never proven he died not only due to VA health care (FTCA/1151) but I also proved he died of undiagnosed and untreated Ischemic heart disease and Diabetes Mellitus, both due to his exposure to Agent Orange. ,

So If an autopsy was done that would reveal more about the cause of his death.

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