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Dr Elaine Tripi


Anyone use Dr Tripi for Imo?

She does claims for vets out of Michigan,near Detroit.

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I found some BVA cases that mention her:

"Review of the veteran's treatment records reveals that the
veteran was given a diagnosis of PTSD from the VA outpatient
treatment clinic. There is no information to substantiate
the etiology of the veteran's diagnosis. There is no
indication that the veteran's alleged stressors were the
cause of his PTSD. Though the veteran did provide a private
psychological evaluation from Dr. Elaine M. Tripi, Ph.D., the
Board finds that a VA examination is required to clarify the
additional evidence submitted on the veteran's behalf,
following the Joint Motion for Remand by the Court."


The remand explains what info is still needed.

The above case was pre 2010, and prior to the new PTSD regulations.

If this is for an initial PTSD diagnosis, the VA will not accept her IMO.They wont even accept an IMO DX of PTSD from Dr Freud.

If this is to support a higher PTSD rating, her opinion could help and she would need all available VA and private medical records.

This vet went from 30% SC PTSD to 50 % SC based on her treatment records and other evidence.


Entitlement to the assignment of a 50 percent rating for the
service connected PTSD is granted, subject to the law and
regulations governing the award of monetary benefits."


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i think their practice is called CUBE and located in Roseville, MI. She wasn't a PHD when I started seeing her husband in 07 for sleep issues.. Good people, saw both of them for about 12 sessions, twice a week. Her husband told me I had PTSD but it would take about 2 years of therapy before he would feel comfortable giving me a DX that would meet VA Standards. Cash got tight and so I never got the official DX from Dr Tripi.

Fast forward to 08, filed initial claims with VA but didn't claim PTSD because I didn't have an official DX, my bad. VA Sleep Clinician told me I had severe PTSD during a consult in 2010. Advised me to see my PC Dr for PTSD Screening. About 4 mos later after a DBQ Exam by VA Staff Psychiatrist, I got a 70% PTSD Rating. I guess I could have spent upwards of $11K and 100 weekly sessions and got a "Maybe" letter but it all worked out.

I would advise Vets that think they have PTSD, File for it, you don't need the DX 1st. See your VA PC Dr, discus your concerns. You'll be given a PTSD Screening exam and then you'll get another one at the VA Mental Health Department. If both screening questionnaires indicate a MH problem, you should get offered either a Psychiatrist or group Therapy. I went Group for 21/2 years, doesn't cure but does help.

Semper Fi


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