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I Am Not Incompetent. How Do I Convince The Va?

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proudveteran - i'm not trying to insult you. what you can expect from the va is to look at your current situation financially whether you get help with it or not and your current symptoms and how well managed they are, they will then based on your history and what you tell them decide whether they recommend a fiduciary, if they decide you need a fiduciary. chances are they will also want you not to have guns. you can appeal the fiduciary decision but make sure you do it right away you don't want to much time to go by between getting the letter and disagreeing with it.

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Proudvet, any person that has a high rating in a mental health issue and or a person that is on social security for a mental health issue will have to face the possibility of being considered incompetent. Not that you are but with all the situations that are going on these days VA and SSA are trying to get a few steps ahead of any possible problems. In trying to help two veterans get a higher rating for a mental health issue (100%), I forewarned them that VA may propose them to be incompetent. Neither veteran had PTSD, one had a motor vehicle accident and the other I can't recall at this time but I know it had nothing to do with PTSD but both were found to be incompetent and their spouses were named their fiduciary. That is just the way it is. Also keep in mind that when a person is getting 100% for any mental health disorder, he/she can not legally work and maintain that rating. The criteria for the 100% mental health rating precludes any type of work. You have to accept that with your back ground VA and or SSA would/will consider you incompetent, that does not mean they will find you incompetent but both VA and SSA will most likely consider it.

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I don't propose to argue with you about whether I do or do not own guns. I do. In fact, many. It has no bearing on your problems as I do not have a diagnosed mental aberration. I try to help Vets. I do not try to analyze them. The problem is one you asked for enlightenment on- from all of us. I offered some that apparently conflicts with your sensibilities.

I spent two years off and on in combat-mostly in Laos. There were no rules of engagement. Our casualty rate was over 40%. When I say I have used firearms in anger, it was from the standpoint of war, not post-military. Killing didn't agree with me then and doesn't now. When I came home, the AF decided I wasn't 'be all you can be' material and they gave me a general discharge for being antisocial with passive aggressive tendencies. VA didn't have PTSD until 1980 as a diagnosis. I suspect I might have fallen into that category then. I do not now.

My attraction to guns is not all-consuming. It's a hobby. I live in a state that doesn't permit the private ownership of machineguns (i.e. guns that go rat a tat tat). I am not consumed by the subject 24 hours a day. I trap shoot in my back yard. I have an indoor pistol range because it rains a lot in Washington state. One thing I do not have is anger issues or I would seriously review my decision to own guns. I tried to convey to you that I am not judgmental of you or your choices vis a vis the 2nd Amendment. Your anger has overcome your ability to hear what I say. For that, I am sorry. I truly hope you find peace within and a successful VA claims path.

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