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I Am Not Incompetent. How Do I Convince The Va?

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"Competency to handle finances" is a medical determination, not one made by you, me, or Michelle Obama.  Your doctor often so states whether or not they feel you are competent in your C and P exam.   During my mental health exams, my doc always volunteered that I was competetent to handle finances.  If the doc does NOT say you are, sometimes the VA automatically assumes you are incompetent.   I do think its wrong for VA to "automatically assume" we are crazed violent Veterans who should not be near guns without some sort of a history of violence, or a medical determination.    Yea, someone who is shooting kids at schools would not need a doctor to have his guns taken away.   I think the law often has the "reasonable man" theory.  Would a "reasonable man" take away a gun from someone shooting children, even if a doc had not said so?  I think so.  

Of course, none of us know your mental health, nor have we examined you.  If yours was a "single incident" outburst, then your doc could opinion thusly.  Almost all of us get angry.    

Unless you have a compelling reason to believe otherwise, I would go with what your doc says.  If he says, he would be comfortable around you with a gun, then fine.  But if he says you should not be around guns, the constitution does not apply because you would be considered a threat to harm yourself or others.    There is nothing in the constitution that prevents the law from taking away a weapon from a crazed person intent on killing himself or others.  

They dont give weapons in prison to violent offenders, so they may enjoy their constitution rights.  If you were ever convicted of holding someone at gunpoint or firing a weapon on them, I doubt that you would get approval to own a firearm or CCW.  

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Roger that. You have the constitutionally guaranteed right to remain angry. Please remember, you cannot whistle and call a bullet back when your anger finally bests you. 

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