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ptsd Four Va Doctors Check Housebound Block?

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Stumbled across this section of Hadit without knowing what it was.

I knew nothing about the SMC stuff and now reading I think I might qualify for it. I am in the process of submitting for TDIU. It all started with gathering paperwork for long term disability. The insurance company gave me paperwork for the doctors to fill out. After four of the VA doctors filled them out they all gave the same assessments. Take into consideration each one of the four doctors knows my case and has been working with me for a few years. So they know my conditions very well.

For the Long Term Disability paperwork functional assessment they all checked block 5 Severe limitation; incapable of minimal activity or sedentary work. House confined. They also gave great descriptive reasoning behind there assessments.

If the TDIU is approved for the PTSD alone I will still have the following sc percentages that would add up to another 60% plus.








and an appeal pending with two additional claims in process. Both are backed with treatment records showing service connection. Both should rate 30%-50% each.

Question is since the VA doctors already filled out these forms for the insurance company could I use them showing the validity of the need for SMC S? And if a C&P was ordered wouldn't the examiner have to take the VA doctors assessments into consideration and have to agree? It would be hard for an examiner to dispute four VA doctors that has treated me for a few years and know my conditions.

Second question is should I send this paperwork in with my TDIU request as well?

I'm still learning this stuff and just asking opinions.

Thank you!

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