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Where Was Ao Sprayed



New system tracks Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam

Between 1961 and 1971 U.S. military forces in Vietnam dispersed more than 19 million gallons of herbicidal agents, including more than 12 million gallons of Agent Orange. A large number of the American men and women who fought in the Vietnam War were exposed, but the health effects still are not fully known.

Now, as part of a study at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health (MSPH), researchers have developed a geographic information system to accurately estimate these exposures—analyzing the relationships among herbicide spraying, geography, population, and troop location. The study, led by Dr Jeanne M. Stellman, professor of clinical health policy and management at MSPH, and Dr. Steven D. Stellman, professor of clinical epidemiology at MSPH, was published in the March issue of Environmental Health Perspectives.

For more information or to obtain a copy of the abstract, contact Stephanie Berger at 212-305-4372 or sb2247@columbia.edu.

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Cybersarge has spraying maps:


That first map is only from fixed wing aircraft.

These vets narrowed it all down to the gallons estimated as sprayed on various parts of Vietnam:


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  • HadIt.com Elder

As long as you stepped ashore in RVN you are considered exposed to AO. I know the Blue Water Navy has a good claim for AO exposure and the VA is fighting it. No one knows where all the AO was sprayed but areas in III Core got the most I believe from the maps. All around the major US bases like Da Nang and Ben Hoa got the most which makes sense since the idea was to defoliate cover for the NVA and VC.

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AH... I have a question about this too. My husband was in Guam in the mid 70's. They have lots of stuff about the dioxin in the soil in Guam --as well as all kinds of stuff in the water. I know Lane Evans had worked to get the records released on herbicides used in Guam -- but I don't think they have ever released them. Yeah...it is a big issue for national security -- the kinds of herbicides used in Guam in the 70's.

I have seen a couple of cases approved by the BVA for AO exposure in Guam (just because it is not a presumption doesn't mean you can't prove it.)

My husband's SOC stated that he was not in Vietnam and therefore gets no presumption for AO.

Should we address this? Should we at least mention the allegations of AO in Guam -- and the ASTR reports that showed heavy dioxin in the soil at Andersen AFB in the 90's --

This is a report on one of their sites.

Groundwater: TCE and PCE were detected. BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene) were present at concentrations up to 7,200 ppb at levels above CVs.Soil: Dioxins (up to 19,000 ppm), VOCs (up to 109 ppm), SVOCs (up to 6.8 ppm), TPH, pesticides, and metals were detected at levels above CVs. .

So --in order to protect that issue, in case the Government ever decides to admit they used AO in Guam (and it didn't just "appear" at the military bases on its own) -- we might be able to claim retro in some way.

I was thinking something about after focusing on the asbestos -- Agreeing that he had not been in Vietnam -- but including a statement that since there is no safe level for carcinogens that the probably exposure to AO, herbicides, pesticides, etc. in Guam could not be ruled out as contributing to the subsequent development of his cancer.


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  • In Memoriam

Just a little science here.

Yankee Station was between Da Nang and the Paracel Islands.

Tonkin Gulf was in NVN.

Carriers stayed almost a year on Cruise. If you will notice in this weeks VN forecast the winds travel N, NNW, NW, SE, and East. In other words the AO carried out to sea many miles in the Tonkin Gulf and Yankee Station. I have pictures of the haze and VN coast. Blue water Vets lived in this atmosphere.

We didn't change our Fatigues for weeks at a time. We were only allowed 2 minutes of water in the shower. One minute soap down, one minute with water off, one minute rinse. This was called a '3 minute shower'. Many did not shower for days.


One week forecast of Da Nang VNM

Weather mapsloading...6:00 AM 11/14/2006 GMTAnimated mapsStop

View all Đà Nang, VNM maps


Detailed weather forecast °F | °C

Day Forecast Description Precip chance


Nov 14

Details Sprinkles

Hi: 86° Lo: 71°

Day: Cloudy with drizzle. High 86F, humidity 60%. Winds NNW at 5 to 10 mph.


Night: Mostly clear skies. Low 71F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.



Nov 15

Details Fair

Hi: 86° Lo: 71°

Day: Mostly clear skies. High 86F, humidity 65%. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.


Night: Mostly clear skies. Low 71F. Winds light.



Nov 16 Clear

Hi: 86° Lo: 72°

Sunny skies. High 86F and low 72F. Winds light.



Nov 17 Clear

Hi: 87° Lo: 72°

Sunny skies. High 87F and low 72F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph.



Nov 18 Clear

Hi: 87° Lo: 71°

Sunny skies. High 87F and low 71F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph.


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Rod said he was doused in Ashau when the planes sprayed it.USMC 65-66.

It stayed on his fatigues for weeks on maneuvers. He said it would obliterate a whole jungle in days.

The idea was to prevent jungle cover. But the enemy was often underground in tunnels.My daughter was at Chu chi and got in them. She was amazed - these were well prepared storerooms, with weapons caches, bathrooms, ventilation systems, medical areas, food storage, and intelligence depots-for miles and miles.

Rod's buddy who he met when he worked at the VA was Army Blackhorse Vietnam and he thought it was mosquito spray that got on him.I said do you really think our gov sent millions of gallons of mosquito spray to Nam? Think about it- that had to be AO. He really didnt think it was.This vet is 100% plus SMC today due to AO cancer.

Someone here thought I was nuts about a year ago when I too mentioned the wind and weather patterns over Vietnam and the contamination of the waterways and Yankee Station-

Haas proved the point- this stuff continues to affect the Vietnamese environment-it was airborne but soluable in water.

Up here in NY farmers now have to be certified to use large quantities of sprayed weed killers and herbicides like Round up.

I think Dow Chem got off cheap.

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