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WOW...Winning really has a SWEET smell to it

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babycourt45    15

I logged in a hour ago to check my upcoming C&P appointment times and lo and behold my claim had been partially awarded, I went from 70% to 90% with 8 contentions deferred.  What is even more surprising, but common is that the rater looked over all of my previous contentions with 4 of the service connected effective dates being changed in my favor dating back 5 years ago and 2 of my contentions that were denied previously being reopened and combined with the other 8 deferred contentions.  I know this battle is not over and as I posted in another thread I have to repeat the C&Ps I completed in August in the next couple of weeks.  I plan on showing up with my supporting documents in my hands even if the examiner does not want to look at them, I will be prepared.

I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your words of encouragement and advice.  Many of you might not know, but your thoughtfulness and support goes a long way.  Although, I have not finished my course I smell something as sweet as Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts when the "HOT NOW" sign is on and that is a WIN!!

I do not post much but I continuously lurk and have tried to soak in as much as I can as well as bookmark the different threads and links provided.  I know when you start to name people you always seem to forget someone...so here goes, sincere thanks to Asknod, Berta, Vync, Broncovet, Andyman73, flores97, saints13, iceturkee, bluevet and the Pete's.  If I forgot someone please blame my mind not my heart.

To all those still waiting for something to happen with their claim, it may not be today or even tomorrow but you are next in line for your miracle!

May God continue to bless and keep you all in perfect peace!!!

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Buck52    2,731

Congratulations babycourt45

Always good to hear of any win.

You lurk all you want and come back to hadit and ask your questions anytime.

Thanks for sharing



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broncovet    3,175

Congratlulations.  Would you ask that rater to work on MY claim, next?  

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georgiapapa    732

Congratulations on your partial award.  I hope you win your other 8 contentions and ultimately end up with a 100% P & T award.  

God luck and thank you for your service.


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Tbird    0

Wonderful win - Congratulations

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