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VA Doc keeps telling me to Claim for more Benefits


roosrcool    0

I am at 30% Disability right now.  I tore my ACL on active duty and I have my medical records and my medical review board from 93, They operated on it while I was active Duty.

I went in for my yearly annual and the VA discovered that the knee operated on by the Navy is rubbing bone on bone.  

The VA doc told me to claim for an increase, he said I should be getting 70%.  The VA turned down the last one I sent in.  He said I should do this again.  

The VA said they are ready to operate TODAY if I wanted it.  

All That said I am in constant pain from my knee.  Should I re-claim again?  Even if the VA Doc and the VA surgeon are supporting me on this?


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Gastone    1,545

Did you NOD the last Denial within the 12 month appeal window? If no, why not? What was the Raters reason for the denial? Did you have a C & P and obtain a copy of the DBQ? Scan a redacted copy.

In general, the Raters discussion in the Denial letter, gives the Vet an idea of what is needed to prevail.

Semper Fi

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