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How to access in-service medical records


maingun    0

Recently got 10% rating for tinnitus and 0% for hearing loss, but I had claimed on some other things they flat-out denied.  I'm planning to appeal, but it would be helpful to see my medical records, since I know these things were treated while in service.  The question is, how do I get a copy of those records?  Can anybody enlighten me?  Thanks for the help, fellow vets.

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msattler    10

Google request my service medical records and it should bring you to a goverment site, once there you can request the records and have to sign a release and fax it back to them.

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Andyman73    874


Welcome to the Hadit family.  Thank you for your service.  While you are on that website you should also request your military service file as well.  And you should request your C-file, since it will have any and all interactions with the VA.  Also if you aren't already logged on to the VA.gov website, create a password login and such.  Then you do the same for myhealthevet.  You will need a premium account to gain access to the "blue button" for downloading your VA visit notes and such.  No cost, but requires either double ID or a face to face with a rep to verify your id.  While everything should be in your C-file, myhealthevet does have a lot of info, especially anything since Jan of 13.

Myhealthevet is usually where you can see the notes from your C&P exams and verify that they wrote what was said during the exams.  Many don't, or even put "NO" answers where you answered "YES".

Since you are new to the game, it is very much in your favor to get these things lined up. 

Semper Fi.


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