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what should I put in 4138 when filing IMO?


allan1351    18

I have my IMO and am ready to file it.What should I say in the 4138 form?

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broncovet    3,159

Enclosed is evidence from Dr. W dated 10/20/15 in support of my claim for sleep apnea.  On page 3, Dr. W opined,

"The Veterans sleep apnea is as least as likely as not caused from a facial injury during military service".  

Dr. W prescribed a CPAP machine, which I have been using since I applied on 01/12/2008.  He diagnosed OSA on 01/12/2008


Ima Veteran, 000-00-002 (That is Mr. Burns SSN, by the way, according to Homer Simposon)

1240  Main St.

Springfield, Nebraska

Phone 343 02 1235 

Dated Oct. 20, 2015


You gave them all the evidence they need to award quicky and easy to find.  

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