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Sgt. Wilky    65

Hey All!

 I received my Big, Brown, Dreaded envelope today and it was met with trepidation. I've had several issues whose claims had gone all the way back to July of 2008, and went to appeal in March of 2009. There they sat for years.

 I had my BVA hearing in Denver via teleconference with a VSO at the state level, and my wonderful wife on July 27, 2015 nearly seven years to the to the day of my original claims. The decision was reached on six claims and mailed to me on the 16th of October (which is less than three months from hearing to notification).

 I read that I had won three of my six claims at the BVA level, one remand (which in this case I think is good, I am supposed to get an SOC on how to increase from 0% to 20% and the judge it sounds like, believes I should be at 20% and not 0%),and two denials. One of my grants, it is for some back issues, which my rep said I should be rated for three separate issues. The other two issues, after nearly 7 1/2 years of fighting and waiting patiently, equal tens of thousands of dollars of back pay, which I think should come pretty much at any time, not including the pending back issues which are of the same original claim date.

Just wanted to let everyone know, thanks for your words of encouragement! I was ready to shrug my shoulders and say, "screw it," but most of you said to keep at it and I did, and it paid off! I had to hound my PCP a little bit for evidence and I had to have patience, but those of us who have hung in there and come out victorious know what it means to have that awesome feeling in the pit of our stomachs!

 I still have some battle to fight, but I now have some renewed vigor to meet those challenges head on! Thank you to all for your service to our country and to those of here on these boards. I know I'm not very active, but I hope to be here a little more to offer some encouragement! Keep fighting, as you owe it to yourself, to your family, and to your fellow veterans to not let the VA get away with their shenanigans!

Semper Fi,

Sgt. Wilky

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Andyman73    874

Ooh Rah, Sgt. Wilky!!!

Semper Fi.


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Buck52    2,731

Great! Fantastic work Buddy!



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Tbird    0

Great news - persistence pays.

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