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Success! 100% P&T, No Future Exams

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Well I don't know where to start except the title says it all. I started my journey six months before my military retirement (June 2013).  In Oct 2014 I received my initial rating of 90% and in Dec 2014 I filed my NOD to the Houston RO. Last week I received a phone call from the rater who went over a few of my items and told me he was approving one item (out of 7) and granting IU. He said he still needed to look over my other new C&P exam and if I received 100% scheduler, the IU would be a moot point. The very next morning, I received another phone call from a different individual stating that I would be very happy with my decision but he couldn't discuss it with me. I told him about my phone call with the rater and then he said that IU was moot and I was 100%.

I received my statement of case two days later and read through the six denials (the same exact reason they initially denied was again listed almost verbatim); the SOC stated that my migraines were increased and IU was moot. The next day, after checking eBenefits a million times, I noticed that it was updated to 100%. I went to my letters and noticed that the commissary letter was suddenly listed. I opened it up and sure enough it said I was P&T with no future exams. I still haven't received my BBE but I did notice yesterday evening that a large sum of money is projected for deposit into my account on Tuesday. I'll wait for the BBE but am feeling pretty confident that this is real.

So....why am I not happy and jumping off the walls?? I woke up this morning feeling extremely cranky and have been short with my husband all day. Maybe it's the reality of it all and the fact I would rather be able to work full-time to help support my family but can't due to my medical issues. My husband has a great job and supports us comfortably but I have always made just as much or more than him and always enjoyed working, even on the crappy days.  I feel really guilty about being P&T when so many others, who did so much more than me and need it more than me, may never reach P&T.  I don't know why but I'm having mixed emotions about it all but am extremely grateful at the same time (if that makes sense).  I'll post up when I receive my BBE. Who knows, I could be jumping the gun here relying on eBenefits and the projected deposit.

Although I don't post much I've learned tons from this site. Thank you to everyone who contributed...I'll be making another donation to this site.  Those random, odd posts (Is eBenefits working, etc.) are the ones I gravitated to and helped calm me when I was anxious. I received my NOD format and solid advice from this site and appreciate all the knowledge and personal experiences people shared. Enjoy the rest of your weekend...we are trying to stay dry here in Texas today. :) 



First congratulations on the 100% P&T! It's often a long road to travel. Not a few of us have spent years on that road!

Since you mentioned that 6 of the seven are still not awarded - - -

Remember that 100% P&T is not the end of the line. SMC is the next generally used level of compensation.

For instance, SMC-S can add about 10% to the 100% P&T payment.

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That is great news. Permanent and total is Key here with additional benefits available.  


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Congratulations on your 100% P&T award and thank you for your service.

Good luck to you and your family.

Take care.


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Congratulations!   I went through that, too, where you are at first elated when you win 100% but then realize the reality of being disabled.  

You should consider carefully whether or not you want to disclose this to others.  Sometimes that's good, at other times, people are jealous and can even be vindictive.  


I really don't discuss the VA or my med issues with most of my friends and family. I'll only pass on the news to a select couple of friends and family that have witnessed how I struggle with my health. Thank you for the advice and for replying to my posts over the past couple of years. 


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