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I searched through the forum but couldnt find what i was looking for.  This question was posted in my success story post ( If you want to see where this comes from...

However i wanted to make it a different post so that others can search and find it.

"I got my retro that  starts March 1, 2015 and was the correct amount for 7 months (which would include month of september)

Octobers payment just hit today (10/29/15) but was still the old 60% payment 311 short, was this because the decision is so recent and will this be retrod later or should i fly the flag now and early

Gosh and this sounds like a dumb question... but is the payment that is on say 9/01/2015, 10/01/2015 say for those months, by that i mean the payment you get that shows up every month considered the payment for the following month or the previous.  The VA usually shows my payments as 9/01/2015 but it hits the bank a few days prior.

The reason i ask is that if this is so they ow me 622 not 311"


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Didn't I respond to this, for you, in your other thread? Maybe I'm working too much and need a vacation, cuz it's like deja vu all over again.  Lol. get paid on the first of the month for the month that just ended, VA does not pay partial months(I think).  And your September 1st payment is for August, and October is for September. If your award was only just decided, it may have been too late to hit for October 1s.t

I went through this back on August 1st.  Was awarded increase, dated July 29, received some retro on the 31st, got August 1st check at old amount.  Called benefits counselor, he said most likely is that the monthly regular was already cued to post, and could't be changed.  Give them 2-3 days then call me back if you don't get it. I got the shortage amount on the 2nd day.  So..perhaps this is what you are experiencing right now.

Semper Fi, and congrats on the award!


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you did, i had decided to make this a separate thread to make it easier to search for future haditers.

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