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Spoke To The Dept Of Navy Codes On My Dd 214



  • HadIt.com Elder

Dear Friends,

I picked up the telepone and talked to a lady at the Department of the Navy about the codes etc on my DD 214. She had all this information. Where did she get it? How did she know so much?

She told me just as it happened?

She told me that Dr. C was my treating physician and that he sent me to Dr. J who in turn sent me to a Board Certifed Psychiatrist. Dr. M, who recommended my discharge.

Next was the Board of 4 doctors. I knew that I saw an Army of doctors to receive my early discharge, just didn't know what they were all called.

My paper is called Evaluation Board - signed by 4 doctors with Honorable checked with Emotional Immaturity and the code of 460 - NOT TO BE SHOWN.

She stated that I was to get a Medical Discharge, but someone messed up?

Did she really see all of this, but if she didn't, how could she have told me their names.

Why didn't the BVA send me to a Board of three psychiatrist to end all of this?

My brain is still going over time as to why the BVA has placed this in my remand? What did they expect from the two psychiatrist. Did they honestly think that they would tell the truth?

7. After the above development has been completed, the veteran's claims file should returned to the board of VA psychiatrists who participated in the April 2005 examination for clarification

of the provided opinion. They should be requested to review the record and reconcile their opinion as to etiology in light of the evidence added since their examination of the veteran, including the May 2005 statement of Dr. B C. C and the January 2006 statement of Dr. M P.

If neither of these examiners is available, (I check with the Sxxxx Medical Center and they are employed and available) the RO should consider whether the veteran should be scheduled for an additional examination by a board of two VA psychiatrists for an opinion as to whether there is at least a 50 percent probability or greater that an acquired psychiatric disorder was incurred in or aggravated by active service. All indicated tests and studies are to be performed. Prior to the examination, the claims folder must be made available for review of the case. A notation to the effect that this record review took place should be included in the report. Opinions should be provided based on the results of examination, a review of the medical evidence of record, and sound medical principles. All examination findings, along with the complete rationale for all opinions expressed, should be set forth in the examination report.

8. The veteran must be given adequate notice of the date and place of any requested examination, if such is deemed necessary. A copy of all notifications, including the address where the notice was sent must be associated with the claims folder. The veteran is to be advised that failure to report for a scheduled VA examination without good cause shown may have adverse effects on her claim.

9. After completion of the above and any additional development deemed necessary, the issue on appeal should be reviewed. If any benefit sought remains denied, the veteran and her representative should be furnished a supplemental statement of the case and be afforded the opportunity to respond. Thereafter, the case should be returned to the Board for appellate review.

As you all know the two psychaitrist received my claims folder in October from the AMC.

This is all the two of them wrote

Letter by Dr. C. read

Letter by Dr. P read

No evidence to alter initial conclusion.

Signed Dr. B.

Signed Dr. L.

I do not wish another C&P. I will go if I have too, but there is talk from the AMC - no more! The AMC is really nice to me. Don't know if it is a cover - up or not? I can't trust any of them, if they are employed by the Va.


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  • HadIt.com Elder


Call her back and ask her to send you copies of everything she has. If she does not send it find out how to obtain it using the freedom of information act.

At the time you were in the military the Navy had a policy of administratively discharging folks with personality disorders and immunity. It was the official procedure explained in naval documents. I used to have the documentation. However, that was several computers ago and the information is on another hard drive. The Navy was of the opinion that the stigma of a medical discharge for psychiatric reasons was not beneficial to the enlistee. Thus, they referred it to the commanding officer for administrative action first. If the CO did nothing then they would medically discharge an individual.

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  • HadIt.com Elder
The Navy was of the opinion that the stigma of a medical discharge for psychiatric reasons was not beneficial to the enlistee. Thus, they referred it to the commanding officer for administrative action first. If the CO did nothing then they would medically discharge an individual.


I remember, oh so well, going into this small office with LT K the personnel Officer and his Yoemen Joe and being told what a disgrace I would be if I took the early discharge and that I would be giving up all of my G. I. benfits, of course this was a lie.

When you say the navy did not want to give someone the stigma of a medical discharge due to psychiatric reason, is this why it took me 40 years to get my hands on the consultations by Dr. J and DR. M.

Apparently my C. O did something, as I sure didn't get a medical discharge, but Dr. C, my treating physiican thought that I did .

Hoppy, if she gives me a copy, what can I expect and what will I do with them.



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  • HadIt.com Elder

LT and Joe were small time players. The policy I am talking about was written up in BUPERS instructions to CO's.

Good question and it occurred to me. What to do with them. It is always good to have all the documents. However, they were written a long time ago and I would argue that they did not comply with the DSM IV diagnostic criteria. It is my opinion that the immuturity was misdiagnosed and you should have been re-evaluated and rediagnosed as a matter of routine on a ongoing basis. My shrink at the VA considered the policy of the military in the 60's was to discharge people and sweep everything under the carpet rather than provide continuing evaluations.

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I also wonder how you can check to see if you are getting ALL the records. For some reason - the VA can decide to "protect" a veteran with metnal / emotional diagnoses by NOT giving them any evidence which they think might "harm" them.....(upset them - etc.)

I even posted a regulation the other day whcih stated they can send a veteran an EDITED Statement of Case if they determine the vet would be "harmed" (upset) by what the SOC says.

I Have NO idea how to go about finding out if you actually have ALL the info they have --or an edited version --except maybe to get a VSO to help you.

When we went to the VA hospital to pick up my husband's records I was looking for a specific record of his lung C&P and didn't see it. We asked if they were SURE that was ALL the records. They said - Oh..yeah..they had a psychiatric exam report --but they don't usually give those out because they might "upset" the veteran. My husband asked for a copy of his --but they had to read it first to see if they thought there was anything in it that might "upset" him.


Also -- they are amking so many things digital. We aske for a copy of all his post service records at the Air Force base. He had his appendix removed and was in the hospital for several days --Yet the records showed a ONE LINE notation of the surgery.

He went back and asked how a surgery and hospitalization could be reduced to ONE LINE>

THEN we found out they have OTHER records (doctor notes, etc.) that they don't give you when you ask for a copy of your "records"

We asked for those too - found quite a bit of info in those to support his claim.

But they don't tell you they HAVE them --Unless you ask. They just give you what they call your "records"

It's kind of "upsetting."


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  • HadIt.com Elder


I am like you. I don't know how to fight when I have no ideal if I have all the records and what they have that they will not give me.

I thought it was so strange that The Navy Department knew perhaps more than I did, but don't know how to get what information she has or what I would do with it if I had it.

They are upsetting me more by not telling me or showing what they have and what I may need.

I sit amongest a pile of papers and trying to figure out what they mean and what they are called.

I even posted a regulation the other day whcih stated they can send a veteran an EDITED Statement of Case if they determine the vet would be "harmed" (upset) by what the SOC says.

I read this and then wondered if they sent me one different than what they were using. This is getting pretty stupid.

How can they do this to us?

I hope to have an answer from the AMC by the end of the year. Maybe at least, I will know where I stand with this claim.

Best to You!!


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